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Umbrella companies – could you benefit?

Many people dream of working for themselves but are wary of taking that first step as there is so much to consider when going it alone. Luckily there is a way of becoming self-employed with a great deal of support, making it feel as though you are not alone at all. Umbrella companies are a […] … learn more→

One product, multiple benefits

Do more with less—makes sense when you\’re thinking green, doesn\’t it—especially when you let it expand your idea of what\’s possible. A guiding principle in thinking green is to achieve multiple purposes with a single item. The item could be a product, a component, a service, or maybe even an idea. Systems that incorporate this […] … learn more→

Banned Books Awareness: “Literacy is a Lifestyle”

March is National Reading and Grammar Month here in the United States. It is built around the birthday of Dr. Seuss, as March 2 is honored with a National Read Across America Day. Libraries and schools from coast to coast held reading parties and celebrated the written word; but for all the festivity, we have […] … learn more→

The Desertec Project – The brightest solar project so far?

A look at the list of the World\’s 50 largest electricity-producing solar power stations is quite startling – every single one of them was completed between 2008 and now. A further look at the pending projects over the next few years shows that this growth certainly isn\’t going to halt anytime soon – there are […] … learn more→

Banned Books Awareness: “Slavery by Another Name”

Being that these are the final days of Black History Month 2012, I thought it wise to share a news story that is also sadly apropos to the subject of censorship. The Equal Justice Initiative is a Montgomery, Alabama-based organization founded in 1989 to provide legal representation for the indigent and incarcerated. Bryan Stevenson, director […] … learn more→

The Arab Spring one year on: the challenges of reforms and democratic transition

The Arab Spring, now entering its second year, was no random event. Rather, it was a synthesis of many interconnected failings within the post-colonial Arab state system ranging from endemic political corruption, to dire economic stagnation and associated social marginalisation of the masses to list just the obvious ones. But revolutions, as idealistic and romantic […] … learn more→

Mining\’s small change

Could Australia end up with little to show for its mining boom — as an echo of what happened to Nauru once its considerable phosphate wealth was exhausted? Close examination of the proposed Minerals Resource Rent Tax (MRRT) reveals serious flaws that could leave the federal government well short of the forecast revenue. It is […] … learn more→