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Decoding the cost of College

Decoding the cost of College

You return from school one afternoon, open the mailbox in your apartment building in western Massachusetts, and pull out a thick envelope. Heart quickening and hands shaking, you tear into the envelope of your first-choice school—Merrimack College—and you read the first line, “Congratulations and welcome…” Last week, you were accepted to Pace University and your […] … learn more→

Bernie Sanders’ weird plan to control College costs

In the midst of rolling out his own plan to improve the affordability of higher education, Democrat presidential candidate Martin O’Malley trashed Bernie Sanders’ free college plan. “If you simply cut a check for tuition, you’re going to see tuitions go up and up and up, and eventually we all foot that bill,” Time Magazine […] … learn more→

Three solutions to rising College costs that the far right finds attractive

Writing for Bankrate.com, Christina Crouch has surveyed in some detail “Three Radical Plans” for reducing college costs [http://www.bankrate.com/finance/college-finance/rethinking-college-costs-radical-plans.aspx]. The first two of these “three radical plans” have been addressed previously in posts to this blog: the “pay it forward” plan that originated in Oregon, that has been adopted or adapted in some form in 15 […] … learn more→

What’s the cost and financial value of college?

What’s the right price for a college education? And what is its value? Those are crucial questions at a time of rising student debt and high unemployment. But a group of scholars and policymakers at an MIT forum on Thursday suggested that one thing about college remains clear: Expensive though it can be, higher education […] … learn more→