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Community College as road to nowhere

Community College as road to nowhere

“Come to the community college! We’re cheap!” –typical promotion for a CC Unlike universities, community colleges can spring up very quickly. You don’t need departments, you barely even need faculty. All you need are some administrators to hire cheap adjuncts, cut-and-paste the curriculum used at a nearby legitimate school…and you’re basically set. This simple set […] … learn more→

The open secret of Community College fraud

When covering the fraud of higher education, I repeatedly get amazed by the systemic fraud at community colleges. Yes, universities totally have their scandals, but community colleges have all the scandals of universities…and then more. Part of this likely is because universities are set up as individual institutions—there is no one grand high Poo Bah […] … learn more→

Candy crush Community College

You know the feeling. You have downloaded the free game Candy Crush and you run out of lives on the highest level you have ever achieved. The game offers to let you keep playing only if you pay for more lives and you say yes because you are addicted. These “freemium” apps are mobile games […] … learn more→

RPCC has a 0.6% graduation rate. This is “successful”?

RPCC has a 0.6% graduation rate. This is “successful”?

Yes, I know, I’ve ranted and documented the massive fraud of the community college scam system, but recent statistics really point out how bad things are. Inside Higher Education has a helpful page of all sorts of college related statistics. Today we’re looking at River Parishes Community College, in Louisiana, a two year college that’s […] … learn more→

We can’t judge Community Colleges’ success by the numbers

I am a community-college teacher jumping with joy at President Obama’s America’s College Promise proposal, which would undoubtedly send more students to community colleges. But I can’t help but ask: Doesn’t he know that, by federal accountability standards, we’re an abysmal failure? As Eduardo Porter writes in The New York Times, “precious few of the […] … learn more→

Criminal Community Colleges, Part 3

I’m finishing up a quick look at a book, Community Colleges and the Access Affect, which details how most all community colleges operation in open violation of Federal law, since they sell coursework below the 9th grade level. The book tries really, really, hard not to pin the blame on the lawlessness and corruption of […] … learn more→

The criminality of Community College, Part 2

Last time around, I discussed that the Federal student loan scam program only allows for funds to be spent on college coursework, or, at absolute worst, on remedial coursework no lower than the 9th grade. All community colleges regularly sell coursework below that level, in straight up violation of the law … as anyone, anyone, […] … learn more→

The Community College fraud, part 2

So, last time, I was looking at the course offerings at LACC, and saw that a huge amount of resources are devoted to teaching 6th grade and lower math. Let’s continue to see what “higher education” this community college offers: Elementary Algebra (113) and Elementary Algebra (114). Because students are so far behind, administration created […] … learn more→

25% of Community College is 6th Grade level

25% of Community College is 6th Grade level

Good ol’ community college. If you can’t get into, or can’t afford, university, then community college is the place to be. It’s also cheap, cheap, cheap…or at least, that’s what community college administrators tell you. Thing is, it’s only cheap if you’re actually getting what you think you’re getting in the way of education. It […] … learn more→