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Cyberbullies are also victims – they need help too

Cyberbullies are also victims – they need help too

Cyberbullying is very different to traditional bullying. Relationships between victims and perpetrators do not need to be physically close, they don’t need to be in the same class or even in the same school, for example. It can easily be anonymous, which may lower inhibitions to behave in a mean or hurtful way. It doesn’t stop once someone […] … learn more→

Is cyberbullying all that goes ‘over the line’ when kids are online?

In a TED talk this past spring, watched by over six million viewers, Monica Lewinsky called herself “Patient Zero” of cyber-fueled bullying and shaming. When this “scandal” unfolded, the concept of internet-enabled public shaming was relatively unprecedented. And Lewinsky’s case certainly brought the epidemic threat of digital social networks into public consciousness. Today, those born […] … learn more→

Cyberbullying by parents and pupils takes toll on teachers

A new survey by the teachers union NASUWT has provided further evidence to confirm that teachers too, as well as pupils, can be targets of online bullying. In the research, just more than a fifth of the 7,500 teachers surveyed had comments or information posted on social networking sites relating to their role as teachers. […] … learn more→

Cyberbullying revenge: Parents and legislators fight back

Cyberbullying is catching nationwide attention. Legislators aren’t taking the virtual bullying lightly. In Florida, a cyberbullying bill was passed by Governor Rick Scott after in April 2013. The bill grants disciplinary actions to students who use technology, like cellphones and computers, to bully other students, states on the Miami Herald. Children have more exposure to TV […] … learn more→