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How to know if schoolchildren are fit

How to know if schoolchildren are fit

Our physical condition is responsible for our ability to carry out daily activities such as catching a bus that is about to leave, carrying shopping bags, climbing stairs or even taking a satisfying bike ride through nature. But do we know if our students are in shape and what does not being fit mean? A recent […] … learn more→

Fit for a new century

What’s your fitness age? That’s a 21st-century question you can ask, thanks to the invention of the phrase fitness age. But what does this new term mean? Here’s an answer provided by the lexicographer David Barnhart, editor of The Barnhart Dictionary Companion, a quarterly devoted to new words. He defines fitness age as “a measure in years of […] … learn more→

How Usain Bolt can run faster – effortlessly

Usain Bolt can achieve faster running times with no extra effort on his part or improvement to his fitness, according to a new study by Professor John Barrow, Director of the Millennium Maths Project at the University of Cambridge. The study is published today in Significance, the magazine of the Royal Statistical Society and the […] … learn more→