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College students who work more hours are less likely to graduate

College students who work more hours are less likely to graduate

Students who work while enrolled in college are about 20% less likely to complete their degrees than similar peers who don’t work, a large and meaningful decrease in predicted graduation rates. Among those who do graduate, working students take an average 0.6 of a semester longer to finish. This is mainly because students who work […] … learn more→

A survivor’s guide for soon-to-be College graduates

The term “graduation” typically means that you graduate “from” something. As we enter the college graduation season, however, it is wise to take a moment to discuss what graduation will mean for transitioning seniors –especially young adults — both leading up to graduation day and in the months that follow. Graduation comes with well-earned accolades […] … learn more→

Playing along with the immigration game

Are international students immigrants? Surely it depends on whether students decide – and are able – to stay in the host country after graduation. In a seminar held in London recently, entitled ‘Competing globally: The impact of government immigration policy on UK universities’, Universities UK (UUK) argued that international students at universities should be excised […] … learn more→