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Home alone: how to keep your kids safe (and out of trouble) when you’re at work these holidays

Home alone: how to keep your kids safe (and out of trouble) when you’re at work these holidays

Many working parents battle with school holidays, especially the long period between Christmas and the start of the new school year. Most people receive four weeks’ leave a year, but school holidays take up about 12 weeks of the year. The maths clearly doesn’t add up. Even if both parents take their leave at different […] … learn more→

How ‘neuroparenting’ is sapping the joy out of family life

How ‘neuroparenting’ is sapping the joy out of family life

The concept of “neuroparenting” is making great waves among parents at the moment, with claims that neuroscience and new knowledge about brain development can help us to know “once and for all” how children ought to be raised. The idea of neuroparenting is that mums and dads need to be trained to love and care […] … learn more→

Single-parenting through a PhD

Its 8.30 in the morning and I’m just back from the school run. I have five and a half hours before I pick up my son. How to make the best use of that time? The eternal dilemma! As a single parent this time is precious. I have a long To-Do list, with everything ranging […] … learn more→

Parenting your way to a PhD

PhD study while also parenting can’t be described as easy. Of course I never really expected it to be, but it’s difficult in ways I never anticipated. As my youngest child approached primary school age I realised that I was going to be bored when he went to school. Already I was spending far too […] … learn more→

Does Madeleine McCann deserve never to be found?

Several news sources reported recently that Scotland Yard has launched a formal investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, following the emergence of ‘new evidence and new theories’. Madeleine disappeared from her family’s holiday apartment in Portugal in 2007, a few days before her fourth birthday. Her parents had left her and her siblings alone […] … learn more→

Why are we not much, much, much better at parenting?

We’ve come a long way, as a species. And we’re better at many things than we ever were before – not just slightly better, but unimaginably, ridiculously better. We’re better at transporting people and objects, we’re better a killing, we’re better at preventing infectious diseases, we’re better at industrial production, agricultural and economic output, we’re […] … learn more→

Banned Books Awareness: “The Family Book”

Todd Parr has written over 30 children’s books, and he is the winner of two National Parenting Publication Awards, as well as three Oppenheim Gold Awards; but his The Family Book (preschool-grade 2; 2004) has stirred up some controversy. In a whimsical, engaging way, the daily lives of all kinds of families are depicted, celebrating their […] … learn more→

Parenting comes at a price for male fish

Being a great dad can mean starving to protect the kids, putting up with a jealous spouse – and often, dying young. At least, if you’re a cardinalfish. A survival strategy that has been a triumphant success for cardinalfishes for going on 50 million years could come unstuck under rapid global warming, scientists from the […] … learn more→