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Senator’s thesis not plagiarism, more likely fraud

This is a republish of this article I totally understand that the average mainstream media reporter can’t be expert on everything. While sometimes this results in a complete disconnect between reality and what’s reported in the news, other times it just leads to an article that fails to connect the dots that are obvious to […] … learn more→

Yet another plagiarism scandal in Germany

Another German high-official was recently in the middle of a discussion about a supposedly problematic Ph.D. thesis. After the popular politician and defence minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, the Education minister, Annette Schavan was accused of using other people’s works for her doctorate completed in 1980. Ironically enough, Schavan, a close collaborator of German chancellor Angela […] … learn more→

Delusions of candour: why technology won’t stop plagiarism

Plagiarism at university is a time-old scourge. Some would have us believe it can be sought out with ever-improving technology, and with more consistent vetting of student essays with the latest detection software. But beneath these appeals to superior forensic intelligence lies an unhappy fallacy – that a technological fix can address a moral problem. […] … learn more→

On academic plagiarism

When I was very young, the father of the neighbor’s family – a young academic – suddenly disappeared. The young academic was working, I was later told, on original research upon which he had pinned the hopes for his career. Nearing the completion of his work, however, a professor he had been working with published […] … learn more→