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Psychology carries a dark past: how the discipline can be Africanised

Psychology carries a dark past: how the discipline can be Africanised

It’s well documented by many scholars that psychological warfare took place for a long time as part of the colonial conquest. The colonialists laboured to ensure that black people’s minds were colonised. And to this end, many theories were developed (by white psychologists) to prove the inferiority of the black mind. One of the consequences of this […] … learn more→

Why Freud still haunts us

For those of us prone to commemorations, it is a rich season. The beginning of the Great War 100 years ago, 70 years since the Normandy invasion, and the 50th anniversary of several major events in the American struggle for civil rights. September 23 marks 75 years since the death of Sigmund Freud. Should we […] … learn more→

Body swapping and out-of-body experiences – a how-to guide

During an out-of-body experience (OBE) a person finds his or her centre of consciousness displaced from their physical body. Research suggests around 10% of people have had an OBE, where they have experienced leaving their body and viewing it from a different location in the room. During an OBE people typically see themselves from a […] … learn more→

Firming resolve

What is the psychology behind New Year\’s resolutions, and why are the vast majority of promises we make to ourselves broken before spring? I\’m going to lose weight. I\’m quitting smoking. I\’m going to be a better person …and this year, I mean it. If you\’re hearing these types of proclamations lately — maybe even […] … learn more→