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The covert racism that is holding back black academics

The covert racism that is holding back black academics

Students are walking out in protest against racial inequality and injustice in the US and have been rallying together in days of action at campuses across the country. The #StudentBlackout movement has challenged and confronted white supremacy and anti-black attitudes on university campuses, and has made demands for more black and minority ethnic faculty members. […] … learn more→

The double standard of racism in education

In earlier posts I highlighted a double standard in higher education, enforced by administration. Actually, I’ve highlighted a few, so guess I should clarify which one I’m talking about. Cheating is protected out of a sense of “fairness”, while religious prejudice against Christians, even if leading to unfair grading, is tolerated. I (and most faculty, […] … learn more→

Teaching while black

“There will never be a nigger SAE … You can hang him from a tree, but they will never sign with me … There will never be a nigger SAE.” That vile chant has reverberated in my head throughout these last couple of days. And as it has, my thoughts have drifted to the students, […] … learn more→

Racism 101: Why we need courses on “whiteness”

While The New York Times reports on action by the University of Oklahoma, kicking out Sigma Alpha Epsilon for a racist chant, a Daily Kos blogger argues that the chant has roots elsewhere, that there’s a pervasive though hidden racism throughout the fraternity and, by implication, elsewhere. No, not by implication. The blogger reproduces pictures […] … learn more→

Can facts be racist?

Here is the sequence of events. 1. Richard Dawkins tweets that all the world’s Muslims have fewer Nobel Prizes than Trinity College Cambridge. 2. Cue a twitter onslaught – accusing Professor Dawkins of racism. 3. Richard Dawkins writes that a fact can’t be racist. It seems to me pretty silly to call Dawkins a racist, […] … learn more→

Foreign students and tolerance – II

\”Would you date someone who was African-American?\” The interviewee quickly responded, \”No, they will hurt me because they are so big and I don’t like their curly hair and big lips, it’s not my style. It may come from Western aesthetics of blond and white.\” These were not the words of a white supremacist, nor […] … learn more→

Foreign students and tolerance – I

Neo-racism toward international students, such as the recent incidents at Michigan State and Ohio State Universities, highlights the challenges higher education leaders face in creating a positive campus climate for international students. Many international students live in a parallel social world, shut off from friendships with American peers. When a neo-racist act occurs, international students […] … learn more→

All-white jury pools convict black defendants 16 percent more often than whites

Juries formed from all-white jury pools in Florida convicted black defendants 16 percent more often than white defendants, a gap that was nearly eliminated when at least one member of the jury pool was black, according to a Duke University-led study. The researchers examined more than 700 non-capital felony criminal cases in Sarasota and Lake […] … learn more→

Who is the racist?

When I first read this story in the Boston Globe I really felt affronted that a faculty within Harvard University would band together to have a fellow faculty member ‘removed’ from a teaching profession. It appears that an article by Subramanian Swamy in the Daily News in India had upset Harvard fellow staff and they […] … learn more→