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Universities have a problem with sexual assault and harassment: here’s how to fix it

Universities in Australia have a serious problem with sexual assault and sexual harassment. The Australian Human Rights Commission’s survey, to be released today, documents that large numbers of students have experienced sexual assault and harassment. This is no surprise. National and international studies have already established that the risks of sexual and dating violence are […] … learn more→

#holidayreading – air & light & time & space

I read a lot of books about writing and research. That’s not surprising, as I write them too and I always want to see what others are writing. And today…  Helen Sword has followed up Stylish academic writing with a study of successful academic writers – it’s called Air & Light & Time & Space. […] … learn more→

4 reasons degrees becoming worthless…and why

Hey, it’s no secret we’ve got a serious problem in higher education right now. Our kids, trained from birth that they should go to college after high school, are doing their supposed duty by going to college…and getting destroyed. Many of them leave higher education with lives crushed by debt, and gaining nothing from their […] … learn more→

‘Stranger danger’ in the online and real word

The term “stranger danger” was coined as a warning to children: beware the unknown adult, proceed with caution and be very careful what personal information you reveal. The question is, do adults take their own advice? Perhaps most would be more guarded and make sure they know who they are dealing with before revealing too […] … learn more→

Get the best Sarkari jobs with

With high demand for the government jobs just to secure a career for the lifetime, the can provide you with the detailed information about various sarkari jobs available in India. Both the central as well as state government jobs are there to apply. But be aware of other sort of job portals that may […] … learn more→

Remove tenure by changing name of School…seriously?

In the Communist takeovers of the 20th century, the shapers of public opinion were targeted for either control or elimination. This is understandable, as socialist ideas generally can’t stand up to any intelligent challenge…getting rid of people with an opposing point of view, particularly those who can express that view to the public, is thus […] … learn more→

Tips to help you fall in love with studying

Studying is often considered to be one of the most monotonous activities in this world. The primary reason for the same is that we want to learn things and gain practical experience without including theory as a part of the process. This is not the right approach, and we know about it, but we do […] … learn more→