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New Mexico to force High School grads to College

New Mexico to force High School grads to College

Practically since birth, our children have been indoctrinated into believing they must go to college after high school. Hey, there really was a time when going to college was both a privilege and a valid path into a better life. But it’s not a privilege any more. Every state has multiple “open admissions” schools eager […] … learn more→

Football tickets for College lead to 0.7% graduation

Football tickets for College lead to 0.7% graduation

It really is amazing what college has become. The following is the number one reason students go to college today: “It’s where you go after high school.” I don’t blame the students for this reason: they’re trained (heck, I was trained) from an early age to believe that college was the thing to do after […] … learn more→

The pros and cons of going to College

Getting a degree wasted five years of my life. I got an undergraduate degree in Computer Science in three years. Then I went to graduate school for Computer Science but was thrown out after two years after failing four courses in a row. I wrote three or four novels during that time. Which had nothing […] … learn more→

Choosing the right path to College

While the notification date to college applicants varies dramatically depending upon the path selected for admission consideration, the notifications will largely be complete by April 1, even at the most selective schools. It’s at this point that the ball shifts to the applicant’s court. Until the notification, most of the applicant’s time, and corresponding anxieties, […] … learn more→

College completion report part II: College aid and affordability

Last week, we reported on the College Completion Agenda and the dismal rate of progress being made regarding progress in improving graduation rates utilizing a set of recommendations recommended by the College Board Advocacy and Policy Center Advisory Board. This week, we’re going to look at the Board’s findings regarding college affordability.  Although the economic […] … learn more→

500 What?

You’re ready to start tapping away on your keypad. You are excited to share with the college admissions staff your amazing attributes, your incredible GPA, your blow-them-out-of-the-water SAT scores, your passion for healthcare education, and the challenges you’ve hurdled to get to where you are today. Inspiring! Just be sure to keep your persuasiveness to 500 words or less. … learn more→