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Student debt helps army recruiting…yuck.

Student debt helps army recruiting…yuck.

The army is certainly an option for kids coming out of high school. I know better than to say anything negative about our military in today’s culture, but I have doubts that the military is necessarily a good idea, for many reasons. I recall one time speaking to a waitress, a pretty girl, and proud […] … learn more→

College recruiting: What’s wrong with this picture?

Last week, Inside Higher Education published its 2015 Survey of College and University Admission Directors. Planned to coincide with the annual meeting of the National Association for College Admission Counseling held in San Diego, IHE drew responses from 264 admission directors, taken from a mix of public and private colleges and universities. The respondents replied […] … learn more→

College minority recruiting

As the first numbers on the composition of incoming freshman classes trickle in next month, many colleges and universities take substantial credit for increasing their pool of minority enrollment. They link their claim to ambitious and noble goals usually expressed as a pillar of the college’s strategic plan. The higher education community is right to […] … learn more→

Trouble recruiting top faculty? Promote collaboration

At the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, the last week of February began with the announcement that Cathy N. Davidson and Ken Wissoker, from Duke and Duke University Press respectively, would be joining our faculty. It ended with the news that Paul Krugman, from Princeton University, would be doing the same. […] … learn more→

The role of social media in protests

A study has explored the dynamics behind social network sites in recruiting and spreading calls for action that contribute to riots, revolutions and protests. Led by Oxford University and published in the journal Scientific Reports, the study finds that the most influential group consists of a small group of users close to the centre of […] … learn more→