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Thinking green, and thinking big

A problem as complex and potentially intractable as climate change demands equally big solutions. At the first Harvard Thinks Green on Thursday, six Harvard professors gathered at Sanders Theatre to provide just that kind of thinking. The event was meant to tap into the “original fundamental reason why we are all here on campus for […] … learn more→

Food is ‘the great convenor

“Cities can’t exist without farms,” says Mark Bomford, the newly appointed director of the Yale Sustainable Food Project. A Canadian transplant, Bomford comes to Yale from the University of British Columbia (UBC), where he honed his vision of making a university the standard-bearer for raising the food consciousness of a growing population of city dwellers […] … learn more→

How easy is it to buy sustainable fish?

Here at Easy Green Towers we are keen supporters of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and his incredibly successful campaign, the Big Fish Fight. As well as the on screen and online campaign which aims to educate the nation on making sustainable fish choices, the brains behind the Big Fish Fight have also recently released a free app […] … learn more→

Avatars become the face of sustainability

People are now able to have an out-of-body experience of a different kind and take on the persona of one of Australia’s most well-known environmentalists, thanks to a new avatar system developed at The Australian National University. Using the latest face-tracking technology, the system allows people to control a virtual representation of Tim Flannery. Created […] … learn more→

Why you should think about Sustainability like an engineer

If you know anything about engineers, you know we measure everything. Engineers are meticulous, calculated and apply logical thinking to most tasks. Most things we come in contact with and use each day had some kind of engineering behind it. That\’s the mentality I bring to my role as UPS\’s first chief sustainability officer and […] … learn more→

Penn State drafting strategic plan for sustainability, seeks ideas

In response to the multiple ecological, economic and social crises affecting the world today, Penn State is drafting its first strategic plan for sustainability. The development of a sustainability plan will involve students, faculty, staff, leadership, alumni, supporters and corporate partners. The council writing the plan wants to hear the public\’s ideas now to help […] … learn more→

CISA: Matching Locavores and Local Farms

In the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts (where I happen to live), you\’ll find a whole lot of farms with signage calling them “Local Heroes.” You\’ll also see similar signs in grocery stores, supermarkets, farmers markets, plant nurseries, and even cafes and restaurants. And you\’ll see bumper stickers all over the region that say, “Be a […] … learn more→

Why Academia needs Ecovillages p.2: Hierarchical vs. Heterarchical

Humans exceeded the carrying capacity of the Earth sometime in the late \’70s, but academia is still catching up to this fact.  In this 10-part blog series, I unpack the old-school “hidden curricula” embedded within much of higher education and considerecovillages as alternative \”campuses\” in which to train leaders for a more sustainable future.  In my […] … learn more→