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A role for universities in halting the death of manufacturing

Over the last few weeks, the cost of upheaval in the manufacturing sector has become ever more visible. BlueScope Steel is to shed 1,000 employees while OneSteel has announced the loss of 400 manufacturing jobs. Losses such as these are inevitable and will continue as the Australian manufacturing sector adjusts to a changing economic landscape. […] … learn more→

Reputation and buying power tipping recruitment towards North America

The number of students seeking an international education experience is ever-increasing. The number enrolled in higher education outside of their country of citizenship has risen dramatically, from 600,000 worldwide in 1975 to 3.3m in 2008. This is estimated to reach 8m by 2025. Typically, it is the English-speaking destinations that command the highest demand, regardless […] … learn more→

Polar bear scientist on thin ice in Arctic imbroglio

Something does not add up. About two weeks ago, a scientist working for the US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Enforcement and Regulation (BOEMRE), Dr Charles Monnett, was placed on administrative leave. In effect, he was banned from his place of work and formally placed under investigation. For what? This is where things get murky, […] … learn more→

Tertiary education leads to development

There are various colleges and universities across the world that provide tertiary education. Tertiary education is the third level of education after the completion of high school. Once tertiary education is over, we get a degree, certificate or diploma as proof of our achievement. But my objective here is not discussing degrees or diploma but […] … learn more→

On Darwin and gender

In 1864, German naturalist Ernst Haeckel wrote to naturalist Charles Darwin, promising to send some marine shells that displayed “a detailed representation of the Rhizopod organism.” But for the “female members of your family,” Haeckel quickly added, the intricate shells would make nice “embroidery patterns.” This fragment of correspondence illustrates what historians now see as […] … learn more→

Does using a computer in class affect your learning?

Classroom boredom usually leads to texting and browsing the internet; shocking right? The use of smart phones and laptops in the classroom is debatable, but it is also doubtful that it will ever stop. Two recent studies performed at two different universities took a look at how students were spending their time on their laptops […] … learn more→

Record heatwaves not just a lot of hot air

Are the tornadoes in the USA, or the floods in Queensland and Victoria, or the record drought in southwest Australia, or the Russian heatwave of last year or western Europe in 2003, or Black Saturday, anything to do with global warming? It’s a big question, with a complicated answer. So let’s start with heatwaves. The […] … learn more→