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Psychologist’s studies make sense of bullying

Everyone knows that school bullies torment their peers to compensate for low self-esteem, and that they are scorned as much as they are feared. But \”everyone\” got it wrong, according to Jaana Juvonen, a professor of developmental psychology whose decade of groundbreaking research on mean kids and their hapless victims is changing the way parents […] … learn more→

The problem with bullying

Bullying has been a long standing issue for a long period of time and certainly has been perused throughout centuries. It is an issue that no individual wants to face whether they are a parent of the one who it is occurring with, or if it is of the one who is doing it. It […] … learn more→

Real progress will only come from strong and respectful relationships

Bullying, gossiping, jealousy and family feuding are critical issues within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, Social Justice Commissioner Mick Gooda has been told by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across the country. This lateral violence or ‘internalised colonialism’ will be the central theme of the 2011 Eddie Koiki Mabo lecture Commissioner Gooda will […] … learn more→

Study shows bullying affects both bystanders and target

Maybe it was the hefty eighth-grader pushing the skinny sixth-grader out of a seat on the bus, or perhaps it was a group of cheerleaders making fun of an overweight girl. Most of us can remember witnessing acts of bullying at school. But we may not realize that bullying in schools is detrimental not only […] … learn more→