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Pressure to publish is choking the academic profession

Pressure to publish is choking the academic profession

The southern hemisphere’s cold weather is a certain signal that winter conference season is upon us. In the coming weeks academics – from many disciplines – will be spending freezing nights in student dorms and days exchanging disciplinary gossip on the plight of the universities and on what is new in their chosen field. But […] … learn more→

From blog to book (a consolation for rejected authors everywhere)

From blog to book (a consolation for rejected authors everywhere)

To be honest, I am a reluctant blogger. Although, my blog Academic Diary  established itself quickly with on-line readers when it first appeared in 2011, I always intended these short essays on university life – from PhD Supervision to the challenges of academic writing – to be published as a book. Blogging was actually a […] … learn more→

In fight over academic publishing house, fear of corporate values

In fight over academic publishing house, fear of corporate values

When Ashgate Publishing was bought last summer by Informa, a large corporation, some academics feared for its future. What would happen to the family-owned publishing house, which had spent four decades building a reputation for social responsibility and close relationships with its authors? In November those fears started coming true. According to a Change.org petition […] … learn more→

Book blog – our endgame revision and proofing

Barbara and I are now on final descent with our new writing book, Detox your writing. We’ll have it to the publisher sometime next week. Yippee. Our process of final revision and proof-reading has been in several stages. About three weeks ago I amalgamated all of our ten separate chapters into one text. I put […] … learn more→

What’s stopping you from publishing your own eBook?

Smile. You can publish your own eBook — here’s how. When it comes to writing, the Internet is a double edged sword. On one hand, anyone who wants to can publish their work if they have the right blogging tools. This means there is close to zero criteria for new writing thrust into the world, […] … learn more→

Tackling unethical authorship deals on scientific publications

The research excellence of academics is often measured by the quantity and quality of their scholarly publications. But how do we know that all authors listed on a publication have actually been involved in the research? Is our “publish or perish” culture encouraging the development of unethical, fraudulent co-authorship deals? The number of authors on […] … learn more→

My book got optioned. Here’s what happened.

On the day my book, Guyland, was published, my agent sold the film rights to Dreamworks. I was speechless, a first for me. It was also pretty gratifying, because I had been fighting with my publisher for months over the title. They had wanted something like Almost Men, which I thought was a great title—if […] … learn more→

What\’s right with publishing

When it comes to publishing, Charles Dickens was half right. It’s the worst of times, and it always has been. Ten years ago, when preparing for a panel on the future of book publishing, I jotted down some quotes from Publishers Weekly that still sound fresh, a decade and a technology revolution later. “Too few […] … learn more→