3 benefits of enrolling your child in a playgroup


Early childhood is an important and instrumental part of a child’s life, with these years seeing a tremendous amount of growth in toddlers. From birth until about eight years old, a child undergoes many physical and psychological changes, and many of these revolve around their cognitive development.

So much of this time relies heavily on a child finding ways to improve their language, vocabulary, communication and general skills. This time is also critical for the formation of their personality and relationships. For this reason, many parents will choose to enrol their child in a playgroup to ensure a positive environment for growth and interaction.

Here are some of the advantages that come with enrolling your child in a playgroup in the eastern suburbs.

Preparation for School

One of the main reasons why children are enrolled into playgroups is to properly prepare them for school. Playgroups help to ease children into school, as their structure often mimics primary school classes and allows children to experience socialising with other kids early on. Playgroups are typically part-time, meaning that a child can naturally and gradually progress until they feel ready to take on a full day of learning and interaction.

One of the biggest advantages that comes with introducing playgroups to children this way is that it takes away some of the anxiety and exhaustion that can come with starting school. When a child grows comfortable in a part-time setting, they’re less likely to feel stressed about leaving their parents for school. There are many playgroups in the eastern suburbs that allow for this process.

Fun and Educational Activities

Playgroups are run by qualified and passionate experts in the field and are designed to prepare children for a fruitful and fulfilling academic future. Children are given the opportunity to learn core social and communication skills, develop their language, experience problem solving activities, and take part in a number of fun tasks that benefit their learning and development.

With all playgroup staff educated and trained in early childhood learning and development, children are given the chance to spend time with both experts and other children to help grow their confidence, creativity and wellbeing. Playgroups can also dramatically improve a child’s behaviour, as they’ll have a routine and will be encouraged to be more independent.

More Me-Time for Parents

Raising children can be exhausting – and it’s okay to admit it. Opting to enrol children in playgroups in the eastern suburbs means that you can get around to all of the things you need to do and know that your child is being properly cared for in a positive environment that supports their growth and learning. Think of a playgroup as a better way to have your children babysat while you tend to other important things or enjoy some free time for yourself.

As you search for the right playgroup in the eastern suburbs, be sure to talk to staff about your child and their needs. Choose a playgroup that genuinely cares about the growth and wellbeing of your toddler by comparing the top contenders in your area.