3 reasons why it’s worth to study in Australia


Living in the northern part of the globe, Australia may seem quite an unreachable destination. That’s why if going there it’s worth to stay for a bit longer. To study in Australia is one of the ways to prolong your visit – and it’s worth it!

There are various reasons to visit the smallest continent. Amazing beaches and waves, untouched nature, the outback’s romantic countryside – not to mention widely known Uluru(Ayer’s Rock) or Sydney’s famous opera. However, it can also be an attractive destination for the purposes other than touristic – and we don’t mean surfing (even though the Australian coast has the world’s best conditions to practice it).  

The land of kangaroos and koalas can offer its visitors also great universities. Therefore, it’s worth to ask if it’s good for student life. Indeed – we would even risk saying that it’s one of the best places for starting your new uni chapter. Check the few reasons why it’s worth to study in Australia! 

#1 The cultural life

If you are starting university in Australia, probably you may end up in one of the biggest cities – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide or Perth. That means close contact with the Aussie music and arts. The world has already discovered many great musicians from the continent, including Tame Impala, Nick Cave, Sia or Vance Joy. Take the best out of the Australian alternative scene by visiting numerous cozy clubs and cafes.

#2 The student jobs

There’s no other country in the world where getting a part-time job is that easy. That’s one of the reasons why so many young people visit it with the work&travel program. There are many cafes and restaurants which need the workers immediately, especially during the high season. There is no need to search for it online – just speak directly to the owners and search for announcements at the doors. The biggest advantage of Australian part-time jobs is salary. If you come from the country with a different currency than dollars or euro, you will be amazed by its amount, which is usually more than enough to study in Australia.

#3 Travelling opportunities

Comparing to Europe or the United States, Australia is still relatively wild. Most of its biggest metropolis concentrate around the coast – driving to the interior, you will encounter a heavenly peace. If you’re looking for untouched nature, you couldn’t have chosen a better place. Renting a car and going to the outback to observe the animals and picturesque sunsets is one of the best ways to spend the weekends. Consider also a trip to New Zealand, since it’s not that far by plane.