5 Important tips to keep in mind while negotiating for your small business


Whether you are pitching a plan to one of your clients or signing a deal with a service provider, negotiation can help you save a good amount.

However, the skill isn’t the easiest to acquire, and not everyone is equally good at it. But don’t worry. The focus point of this article is to help you learn more about negotiation

Here are five important tips that you must keep in mind whenever you negotiate for your business.

1. Do The Market Research

If you approach a deal without knowing enough about the market and the usual prices, you may end up paying more or getting less. In both cases, you will be at a loss.

The best way to avoid this issue is by finding out more about the market.

Do your research. Know the ins and outs of the market. Explore price options. And learn more about your competitors and how their services are performing.

Also, remember one thing — the majority of your prospects are going to do this research before they make a deal with you.

2. Be Descriptive And Transparent

We don’t have to spend hours narrating the entire brand story to each customer. However, they should know what makes our business special.

You must have a list of the USPs of your service(s) or product(s).

Be descriptive about your services. Give the conversation an emotional touch. Promise transparency regarding the reporting and billing process. And establish a connection with the prospect.

The idea is to tell your customers that there’s a lot more to working with you than the one deal that you are discussing right now.

Evoking such emotions can enable you to quote a price that is good for you.

3. Have Patience (Listen More, Speak Less)

Negotiation is a subtle art, and it can’t be mastered overnight.

In fact, in a number of cases, you may even have to spend hours listening to your client’s expectations, before you get to negotiate.

Indeed, patience becomes a necessity in these cases.

But the best part is that this patience can help you a lot while negotiating. The more questions you ask, and the more you let the other party speak, higher will be the chances of them considering your offer.

Your willingness to listen to their queries and concerns can make them believe that your company truly cares about their needs. This will surely make negotiation easier for you.

4. Take Notes For All Negotiations

Taking notes after every conversation that involved negotiations would help you learn more about where you are going wrong. It’s a simple self-analysis practice that can help you pinpoint areas where you and your team members can hone their negotiation skills

If you are negotiating over call, have a pen and paper by your side. If the negotiation is happening in person, you can note the pointers that you remember after the conversation is over.

Apart from this, businesses that want to up their negotiation game can encourage their employees to attend online negotiation courses.

These programs talk in detail about how you can get more success by negotiating.

5. Know That Negotiation Is Not Always Monetary

Sticking to the deserved value of your services is a good thing. However, being too rigid about your offers and prices may come off as rude.

It’s important to note that negotiation is not always monetary. Many times, you can offer the client/prospect a similar set of services that may help them save money.

Let them choose what’s more important to their business at that particular time.

Wrapping Up

As more businesses of this generation are moving to economic means, negotiation is becoming a valuable skill. In this blog post, we shared five useful tips that can help you negotiate better for your business.

Hopefully, this was helpful.