5 reasons why you and your intended should shop for an engagement ring together


In today’s society, couples often discuss their engagement— and engagement ring— well ahead of the actual proposal. That’s because, while the idea of surprising your bride to be with a beautiful ring that you have selected has a certain fairy-tale appeal, there are many excellent (and practical) reasons for shopping together. Whether you shop online or visit a jeweler, choosing your engagement ring as a couple can help you avoid a number of potential problems. Wondering about the benefits of shopping for an engagement ring together? Here are five excellent reasons you and your intended should shop together.

  1. This one might be the best reason to shop together: if you’re shopping for an engagement ring as a couple, you know that your partner is ready to get married. Because, on the other hand, if the ring is truly a surprise, there is always the chance that she might say no. Presenting her with the ring puts her on the spot and forces her to make a decision that she might not be ready to make or that she has been hoping she won’t have to make. If you’ve already discussed marriage and she has agreed, you can be sure that you won’t be left with a ring that you might or might not be able to return.
  2. If the person who will be wearing the ring is present during the shopping process, you can be sure you’re buying the right size and shape. When selecting a ring, you need to not only get the right size for her finger, but also get the right size and shape for her to wear comfortably each day. For example, if she is an active person, you’ll want to get a ring that won’t catch, snag or get broken during her daily routine.
  3. If you’re shopping together, you can both see the ring on her finger before buying. That’s helpful because some rings look great in catalogs or online but prove to be disappointing when they arrive. The exception to this might be Rockher, where Rosi, the world’s first digital gemologist, will help you select the ring design that most appeals to you.
  4. Another great thing about shopping together is being able to set a mutually agreed upon budget before buying the ring. Sure, traditionally the guy is expected to pay for the ring, but that doesn’t mean that your bride to be will have unreasonable expectations about what he can spend. And she might prefer a less expensive ring so that you can save for a down-payment on a house, or so you can create wonderful memories with the perfect honeymoon.
  5. Finally, our last reason for shopping together is that the two of you can have fun together selecting the engagement ring, and even having a look at possible wedding bands. After all, her wedding band and engagement ring will be worn together, so why not begin the planning as soon as possible?

There you have it: five reasons for engagement ring shopping as a couple. Does it lack the element of surprise? Maybe – but do you really want surprises when it comes to whether or not she’ll say “yes” during your proposal?

Shopping for an engagement ring as a couple can be a lovely experience that starts your married life on just the right foot. You can make shopping for your engagement ring the ultimate date night with a quiet trip to your favorite eatery after the ring is selected (or whatever your favorite date night activity is). Let choosing your ring be the first of many decisions that you will make together in your new life as a married couple.