5 things to know before writing your first resume


Your first job. There is nothing like going out for that first job. It will not only be an experience that you will never forget, but it will be one that could define your entire life. This job could be a simple stepping stone to something greater or it could be the job the defines you for the rest of your life. Whatever the situation is, you must first land that job, which is going to be harder than you would imagine. This is why it is pertinent to learn how to pad your resume so that it stands out amongst the masses.

Avoid The First Person Pronoun

When you are writing your first resume it is only natural to want to describe yourself right down to the very defining qualities. You might say things like, “I did this.” or “I have this many years of education.” The truth of the matter is that personal pronouns have no place in the resume. The individuals that are reading the resume already know that you are describing yourself. So, how do you go about combating this? Simply just leave the pronouns of. Just say phrases like, “Studied under Me. Johnson at the University of Tennessee in eco-science or as well as political science.” Just leave the pronouns off.

Keep Those Sentences Short
You can look at any professional resume writing service and they will tell you that you always need to use short crisp statements. Yes, this is true, but it does not necessarily mean that you have to use full sentences. Instead, you should focus on taking advantage of crisp fragments. Say something like, “Spent three years studying case files on Roe vs Wade.” Be as short and concise as possible.

Don’t Be Afraid To Opt For The Pros

Most people think that taking advantage of writing resume services is a waste of money and time. This is not entirely the case at all. The best resume writing service will not only have writers with years of experience in writing resumes, but they will know exactly which keywords to target and which ones to target.

Targeting Crucial Keywords

Speaking of keywords, there is a good chance that you will now be sending your resume online. This means that it probably will run through some software before it even reaches the desk of a human. This software will target and pinpoint specific keywords related to the job you are applying to. The resumes with the most keyword matches will probably land on your potential boss’s desk first. Learning how to target and use these keywords will be crucial to your overall success.

Speak Plain English

There is no doubt that you want to show off your thousand dollar education by sounding as professional as possible. Well, this is something that your potential boss doesn’t want to hear. Sure, it might sound good to use some industry lingo when speaking with clients, but your boss already knows and understands these terms. In fact, he or she is probably sick of hearing them. Keep things as simple and concise as humanly possible.