5 ways to make your job search easier


Job-hunting is never easy. As the saying goes, “looking for a job is a full-time job.” Job searching certainly requires your time, dedication, attention, effort and passion to ensure that you find the right job for you. Your job search isn’t something that can be done in a rushed or lazy manner. You need to read every job description in full so that you know what the employer is looking for and include the right keywords in your cover letter. You must continue to believe in yourself. You must ensure that you’re applying for jobs that you’re qualified for. You should always figure out why you’re uniquely qualified and include that information in your cover letter. Not only is job-hunting difficult, but it’s also not always easy to stay happy and productive in between jobs. That’s why as job-seekers, we want to find the right job as quickly as possible.

Here are five ways to make your job search easier:

Design A Great Cover Letter Template

You will make your life a whole lot easier if you have a great cover letter template pre-written, that you can use every time you apply for a job. Check out these free cover letter templates which will help you create one very easily. Once you create your template, you’ll simply tweak it a little bit and add a few customized sentences for each individual job posting you’re responding to. If, for example, you’re applying for both marketing jobs and office administration jobs, you’ll want to write two separate cover letter templates – one that highlights your marketing experience, and one that highlights your admin experience. From there, you’ll tailor your cover letter further, depending on what you think needs to be highlighted based on what the specific job posting states.

Sign Up for Notifications on Job-Posting Websites

The proper job-posting websites, such as Glassdoor, allow you to sign up for notifications that match your desired job. If you’re looking to be a Social Media Manager, for example, you’d simply sign up for notifications and as soon as a new job-posting is listed in your area for “Social Media Manager,” you’d get an email. This makes your life a lot easier since it’s frustrating when you see a job-posting you’d be perfect for, but you’re too late and you’ve missed the deadline to apply. Plus, the e-mail notifications reminding you that a new job-posting has been listed that suits your qualifications is a great reminder to keep on top of your job hunt.

Post A Call-Out on Social Media

One of the best ways to get a job is to be introduced to an employer via one of your friends who either works for or knows that employer. Connections are everything, and you never know which one of your friends or acquaintances knows of a company hiring. Every month or so, you should post a social media status stating that you’re looking for a job and would appreciate any connects. You can state what type of job you’re looking for, and what your qualifications are. Chances are, someone will see that status and message you with details about a job opening at their workplace.

Use the LinkedIn Job Search App

LinkedIn is one of the best resources for job-seekers, and LinkedIn now has an app for your iPhone, Android or iPad to make your job hunt that much more seamless. The app is the LinkedIn Job Search app. This app for job-seekers takes all the best job search features from the LinkedIn website and provides the same job search features on your smart phone. The app lets you search jobs by location, keywords, get job recommendations and apply for jobs quickly using your LinkedIn Resume. As a job-seeker, this makes your job hunt easier because you can apply for jobs on the go. Since you always have your smart phone with you, you can use any pockets of free time that you happen to have throughout the day to look at job openings.

Create a Tracking System

A tracking system, such as a job application excel spreadsheet in your Google Drive, will help you out for many reasons. First of all, it will remind you to follow up with companies you haven’t heard back from. It’ll also help you keep track of your scheduled phone interviews and in-person interviews. You won’t accidentally apply for the same job twice, and you’ll feel more organized by developing a tracking system.