8 Benefits of gaming rely on scientific research!


Nowadays, it’s easy to access video games because the gaming industry is growing fast as well as having a variety of devices that support the user. In particular, mobile games are a new trend in the world. There are many types of games, and this article will talk about games that can help you reduce stress that is easy to experience. Of course, everything is always good and bad. But the benefits that game brings us is undeniable.

People always think that gaming is not good, it makes children less focused on learning, gaming and spending time on games. However, there are things that few people know, that is the benefits that the game brings to humans, this has been confirmed by science. Of course, it depends on the game you are playing. What game is it? How does it work? Is it really helpful to you? So, we will learn about this interesting and mysterious topic!

  • 1. Reflexes are faster, hands and eyes better coordinated

Scientists have proven that when playing role-playing games, players will improve their ability to reflect. Why? We always know in role-playing games, the most attractive element is the fist fight, using skills to destroy monsters, boss or pvp together. This requires players to think and perform actions in a very short amount of time. Because of this factor has been unknowingly help players reflect better.

In addition, this effect also affects the real-life sports such as basketball, football … or situations need to handle fast, the unexpected situation in our lives.

  • For example: game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/730/CounterStrike_Global_Offensive/

  • 2. Improve your thinking, great for your work or for planning, strategy

The game will enhance your thinking, creativity, planning, and direction. This is best demonstrated through puzzle games or challenging IO players, hardcore quiz games … When players experience these games, they have to brainstorm to think. And find ways to answer and overcome the challenges that the game brings. Depending on the game and depending on the type of challenge. However, all of them will allow the player to train his or her passive thinking skills, which will allow the player to improve his or her skills, which sometimes they do not know.

  • 3. You will be more persistent and know how to collaborate in teamwork

This is definitely something that no one can deny. In games, especially in strategy games, players will need to form a party and support together to overcome difficult situations in the game, so that they can overcome the stage of the game.

You will have to link with your friends, or other players. You have to talk to each other, discuss, outline strategies, who will attack, who will defend, who will do this, who will do the job … This will be very good for you in “teamwork”.

  • 4. Treatment of chronic diseases

Few can believe this, but it is true. In a study of the effects of video games from the University of Utah in 2012, they found that gaming can cure some chronic diseases in children with autism, or Parkinson’s disease.

Research from Utah also shows us that with certain games, especially life simulation games, human  simulations will have more positive effects, improve responsiveness, communicate in infected children.

This special kind of game will help children feel better life. It is difficult to say in detail about this, but it is clear that science has proved it.

  • For example: game Life The Game.

Link: https://www.freegames66.com/life-the-game

  • 5. Gaming helps to relieve pain

This is exactly the same in a hospital where doctors use a game called ‘Snow Worlds’ to relieve the pain of wounded soldiers. The game is simple, a world made of snow is made up of a lot of snow balls and players just throw the balls into different penguins. With the excitement from the graphics to the game play, the soldiers will be attracted to the game and they will “forget” the pain is torturing themselves.

We can simply understand that, instead of paying attention to the pain, doctors have turned the patient’s attention into fun, beautiful and colorful games.

  • For example: game Snow Worlds.

Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/snow-world/id852203641?mt=8

  • 6. Good for the eyes

The University of Rochester’s Daphne Bavelier has demonstrated the benefits of gaming with the human eye. According to Bavelier, players will see a lot of different images and colors, which will increase the sensitivity of the eyes.

In sports games, shooters, we will see a lot of situations and the action is very fast. This will inadvertently force the player to use the eyes to monitor the screen continuously, from which the eyes will be sharper, the color perception will be 58% better than ordinary people.

  • For example: game Final Fantasy X.

Link: http://www.finalfantasyxhd.com/us/

  • 7. Gaming – sleep better

Gaming, tired, and sleeping will be great. It sounds simple, but it’s not. Game also has another effect related to sleep that few people know. That is to help us avoid nightmares.

Another scientific study from Grant MacEwan University demonstrates that regular gaming will help people master their dreams. When playing games, people will often encounter abnormalities in the game wor006Cd. And as I think, maybe because of the familiarity with the “strange” in the game then the nightmare can – not go to sleep of the gamer.

  • For example: game Lineage 2 Revolution.

Link: https://itunes.apple.com/hk/app/lineage2-revolution/id1200727466?mt=8

  • 8. Gaming will help you become more assertive

In games, there are situations where you have to choose. Especially when critical situations happen, you need to decide something quick. This will create a habit for the gamer. That is the assertion.

As well as life, you will see the game players often have subtle and deep thinking. When doing something, they will always have clear plans.

Researcher Daphne Bavelier said: ‘Gamers will make more choices in the same time.’ And this is very important in everyday life.


Of course, everything in life has two sides, so is gaming. Although everyone knows that overuse of games will lead to negative consequences for humans, the positive aspects can – not be denied. Remember, it is important to play a healthy game to keep and improve your health. Now let’s play a game, well that’s still the work hours, please play after finishing your work.