8 opportunities for 2020 graduates after leaving University


When you have just left college or university, it can be challenging to know what opportunities are out there for you and how you can get them. Although 2020 may seem like it has a drought of opportunity available to graduates, this is not the case, and there are still many steps that you can take to kickstart your career off before the year ends. This article will detail some of the greatest opportunities that are available to graduates in 2020, whether you have just graduated or have been out in the world of work for a few years.

The Best Online Degrees

Although colleges and universities may have shut their doors for the year due to the coronavirus pandemic, nothing is stopping you from furthering your education and heading back to school. Online degrees can even be more advantageous to students due to the idea that you will be able to study for qualifications that are based all around the world.

If you are looking for the best online degrees that are available to you, you should check the details of some of the largest highest education institutions around the world. For instance, at Marymount University, their EdD Organizational Leadership program can help you to excel in the world of work. It can allow you to prepare for roles that are higher up the career ladder and can even increase your ability to get a promotion. This online degree can be advantageous as you will be able to access all of the resources that you need from the comfort of your own home without having to head onto campus, as you might previously have done. This can then make your college experience cheaper while opening doors to a wider scope of career prospects.

Graduate Programs

When you leave university or college, the first step that many people take is to research the graduate programs that are being offered by top employers. Many of the same employers offer a certain amount of places to students each year. If you are worried about the impact of the pandemic on this, many of these employers are still hiring despite concerns over the declining job market for recent grads in 2020.

From Microsoft to Google, there is a huge range of popular graduate employers that can help you to take that first step on the career ladder. Many of these offer tailored graduate schemes to set you up for life. These graduate schemes are some of the best opportunities for young people as they allow you to gain the skills and knowledge that you need, experience full training, and even fast-track you toward higher positions.

Work Experience and Placements

However, you do not have to look for a permanent position as soon as you leave college. Many college leavers first look for work experience opportunities or placements to allow them to get a foothold into the industry that they are destined for. Many colleges and universities have lists of employers who you can contact to get onto one of their schemes. You may even be able to gain placements by sending an email or calling the employer directly.

Some of the biggest brands that take work experience applicants and offer placements include Disney and publishing houses like Penguin. Some of the best places to do work experience include newspapers and magazines if you study literature, museums and archives for historical subjects, and accountancy firms and consultants if you are interested in business and finance.

If you are looking for something more long-term, you should consider finding available internships. These are often a couple of months long and can lead to a more permanent job offer. The top companies that offer these include NASA, Tesla, and Twitter. These are some of the best companies for internships due to the ability of graduates to grow from the opportunities that they present to them.

Volunteer Opportunities

However, if you can finance the opportunity, you should also consider volunteering as soon as you decide to leave college or university. Volunteering opportunities are easy ways to get the experience and skills that you need without having to go through long and drawn-out application processes.

The top volunteering opportunities for graduates include working for your local council or at an organization that you are looking at working for in the future. This will then allow you to hear of job openings and can even give you the opportunity to network with future employers who may be interested in what you have to offer in the future. If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity, you should consider going onto International Volunteer HQ or Love Volunteers, which can help you to find a placement that matches your career goals and the skills that you want to obtain.

Job Positions Abroad

You should not solely look within your own country if you are looking for the best jobs, though. You should instead try to scour the globe for a position that suits you, and that will allow you to progress as a graduate. For instance, some of the best cities for job opportunities worldwide include Singapore, Toronto, and Hong Kong. There are also many locations that you may consider moving to if you have a specific industry in mind. For instance, where could be better than Silicon Valley for those looking for tech careers?

Not only this, but there are also many job websites that can specifically match you with grad jobs abroad, especially in industries and jobs that are in-demand, such as tech, teaching, and nursing. By taking opportunities abroad, you will be able to get a better understanding of your industry, gain a wider perspective of your career trajectory, and learn from experts across the world. The first couple of years after graduation is the best time to seek these opportunities as you are likely to have less commitment during this time- and will likely not have started to pay back your student loan.

Degree-Level Positions

You do not have to chase after the same competitive positions as every other graduate if you want to get a head start in your career, though. Instead, there are many more degree-level positions that you can apply for to succeed. These positions will allow you to make use of your degree every single day of the year while building on the skills that you honed in college and university.

To find degree-level positions, you should browse job websites and adverts to check for available openings that are asking for graduates with a degree. Although it is possible to find jobs that require your specific qualification, you should also be open to a range of other positions that ask for college leavers with any type of degree-level qualification to their name. These types of roles can include marketing, human resources, and those within the civil service. You can also find a job using your degree by searching on industry-specific job websites, contacting an employer directly, or by booking an appointment with a recruitment agency or your college counselor.

Freelance and Self-Employed Positions

There is no single route to career success after college or university, though, and you should also consider the advantages of going freelance or opting to work self-employed. These paths can both be followed by graduates as soon as they leave higher education. They can even put graduates at more of an advantage by allowing them to follow any career path that they choose without having to find an open position that matches the skills and criteria that they have. To go self-employed, you should set up a website or access freelance job boards, as well as look at tax requirements and get all the tech you will need to work for yourself.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities

The final opportunity that graduates have is to become entrepreneurs. Anyone can start their own business, which can be a great option for grads with a limited idea of what they want to do in the future. Starting your own business can allow you to forge your career path and produce your own products and services, playing to your strengths to be able to do so.

To take advantage of this opportunity, you should apply for grants and entrepreneur schemes that can help you to start off at a run, and you should also harness your network to gain ready-made customers and partnerships. Additionally, you should consider taking webinars and reading business journals that are freely accessible online. This is a particularly important option in 2020, when it may be harder to find a traditional job than normal. Working on your skills and knowledge is a great way to spend your time until you find a suitable career pathway.

Graduating can be a daunting experience, as this can be the first time in your life that you are not in education. However, by reading this guide, you will be able to get an idea of the best opportunities that are available to you in 2020 and the potential pathways that are on offer to graduates in any industry.