AI powered logo generator by Designhill makes branding easy for small businesses


Starting a small business is a big step. It’s exciting, demanding, and could lead to financial freedom from the 9-to-5 grind. One of the most essential elements of starting your small business is branding. From defining your brand to developing a powerful brand strategy, it all hinges on one aspect, your logo.

Your small business logo is the aesthetic foundation that creates brand identity and customer loyalty. Think of all the logos you can spot from a distance and know immediately what brand it represents. This should be the aim of your small business logo.

That being said, developing a logo can be costly. You need to spend time brainstorming your logo, find a designer, and collaborate to ensure you get the logo you envision.

However, innovative Artificially Intelligent (AI) powered technology has made logo designing easy for small businesses. The online platform Designhill is making waves with their forward-thinking logo generator.

After an exhausting web search for logo designers, I stumbled across Designhill and was surprised by there user-friendly logo maker. Using branding colors, premium fonts, icons, and more, this logo maker generates unique logos in a few short minutes.

Here’s How Designhill Logo Maker Works

Before getting started, be sure to have a few general ideas about what your logo should look like. This will make the design process using the Designhill platform easier and faster.

On the first step, you need to enter your business name and click on “Generate Logos” button. In this case, we will create a logo for “SmallBizDaily”.

On the next step, Designhill will ask you to pick 5 design styles or more from there library of pre-made logo designs. This is only for their system to understand your logo style preferences so it can show you the results accordingly. Choose your favorites and continue to next step.

Choosing your branding colors is next. You can choose up to three colors for your logo. This is a great option if you’re unsure on your branding colors. You may find the right colors by using this logo maker. If you are just not ready to pin down branding colors, simply click on the “Let the AI tool choose my colors” and let the system choose colors for you or else you can skip this step.

One of the great things about Designhill logo maker is that they have a library of more than 1 Million icons/symbols to choose from! So the probability of you not liking any icons is quite low. So now go ahead, search for some symbols and add upto 5 and proceed to next step.

After you have moved through the steps, the AI in the logo maker platform will generate potential logos. Simply enter your email to view the generated logos.

You may scroll down to see the logos generated by Designhill and if you want to see more, then click on “Load more” button to generate more logos.

Once you have found the logo you were looking for, click on “Edit this” button and proceed to next step where you will be shown your logo on different printed materials. This is a very powerful feature as this makes your logo come to life. Your logo will be shown on a t-shirt, business cards, signposts, tote bags and more.

A Cost-Effective Online Logo Generator

A very big benefit of using an online logo generator is the cost. When starting a small business, budget can be tight. Hiring a designer can be costly, however, Designhill serves up cost-effective branding services.

Depending on your small business needs and budget, you have three plans to choose from. The Premium Package may be the best for most small business owners, since you cut 50 percent off the regular plan pricing instantly.

The Designhill Premium Package includes:

  • A high-resolution logo in 50+ formats
  • EPS and SVG files
  • Logos with transparent backgrounds
  • 24/7 phone support
  • Print ready versions of your logo for events
  • Branding guidelines for marketing and website design

It’s that easy. Once you have finalized your logo and made the payment as per the package you select, your logo is delivered in high-resolution files, such as PNG, JPEG, SVG, and EPS. You also maintain control of your logo.

Within minutes you’ll have a logo with your branding strategy in place to integrate onto your website, marketing materials, social media channels, and more. If you want to take your branding further, you can browse a number of branding features Designhill serves up.

The Best Small Business Branding Platform

In addition to your logo, you can utilize the online AI platform to accomplish a variety of other branding needs for your small business. This is what makes Designhill one of the best branding platforms for people starting a small business.

For instance, there is a social media kit service for businesses. This can be beneficial, since each social media page has different image dimensions and sizing issues. From Instagram to Facebook, by using this feature, you can ensure your logo appears perfectly across all social channels.

In addition to a professionally designed logo, you also get a brand guidelines file useful for all branding. For example, you can use the colors, fonts, symbols, etc. for your website, email newsletters, signage, and more. This makes marketing messages consistent, enhancing the user experience for your audience.

Designhill also provides 24/7 chat, phone, and email support for customers. This level of customer care is great, and gives you that in-house designer feel.

So don’t waste money on unnecessary logo design that takes a month or more to receive. Powered by AI, Designhill makes branding easy for small businesses, allowing you to launch your products and services quickly and consistently.