Are there dating sites for people with higher education?


Not really. Few websites exist that ask for “education” to quality. Even fewer look at “high careers” and “PHD/Masters” educations for dating. However, that is a good question to ask. After all, education matters when dating. Especially if you’re looking for a long-term relationship…

How So?

People with higher education bring more to a relationship than those who lack it. For starters, they’re smarter. You can’t ace higher education unless you have a sufficiently high IQ (at least 110+). So you’re dealing with someone who thinks things through. And this makes them reliable planners and advisors.

More Disciplined.

It’s not easy committing to higher education. It’s anywhere from 4-6 years for a bachelor’s degree. Add to that a few more for a master’s and PHD. Then you have the student loans involved. It takes a few years for a person to pay off their loans. So higher education requires discipline. And when dating someone with higher education, you again find a reliable partner.

Reliability Matters…

Because why get into a long-term relationship with a deadbeat? Why get into a relationship with someone that lacks job opportunities? Why date someone whose career life seems so uncertain and unstable? Now, that’s not to say that lacking higher education is bad. There are many-many exceptions to this rule. However, you’re more likely to find stability with someone that has a higher education

But I Can’t Find Dating Sites for Those

No worries. We’ll mention a list of tips below to solve that problem. While they won’t lead you to a “higher education” dating website – they’ll get you the matches you need!

Start by Searching on First World Dating Sites.

Some dating sites are made for first world people. For an example, check EuroDate Review). Look for those sites. A first world citizen is more likely to have a higher education… Also, they’re more likely to have better economic status/lifestyle stability.

Saves You Scam Troubles.

Sites that allow third worlds countries tend to be rife with scams. They’re usually unsafe too. And they include lots of fake profiles, dating issues, prolonged response times, and absurd charges. So avoid those when you can.

Sift Manually Through Profiles.

Know what you can do? You can head over to the more popular dating sites. From there, search profiles that discuss important careers and professions. You now have good dating candidates.

But Isn’t That Tedious?

It is. But it’s also an experience. Because who knows, you might come across a prospect with an interesting resume! For example, you might find someone with a community college degree – but is a highly successful entrepreneur. Or, you might find someone you like, and is studying something similar to your specialty!

That manual sifting is an experience of itself. It gives you an appreciation of the wide variety of careers and professions out there. However, if you feel you need something easier, you can always…

Search on Sites for Special Professions.

They do exist. Some websites accept members of only “certain jobs.” So now, you can narrow down your search. Instead of just looking for someone with a higher education, you can look for someone with your profession!


Maybe you’re a physician. Maybe you want someone who works in the medical world too. So you can find a site for doctors and nurses only! Or how about a website for teachers and professors? Maybe you can search for a dating site that networks such folk!

The Advantages.

Searching for a partner by profession doesn’t just give you a smart partner. It also gives you someone to talk to. After all, you share similar educational backgrounds. And you’re both interested in similar things. So you can talk non-stop about your careers, how to advance them, and how they affect your relationship!

Final Word of Advice.

If you’re dating by “higher education” or “higher profession,” then realize that your search will take a while. After all, higher education/work means busier schedules and stricter routines. You need to adapt your own time and their time together. And that is assuming you resolved the distance problems first.

So stay patient as you search for a similarly educated partner!