Chatbot business applications


There are numerous Chatbot business applications. Today bots can be useful in practically any company in order to reach customers more effectively and maintain good, permanent relations with them. They will be effective wherever users expect meaningful conversations with representatives of a given company.

Such conversations may take place via messaging platforms on social media or on a website and entail requests for information, solving problems, assisting customers as well as any stage of the sales process – staring from advice, through payment and after sales service. A Chatbot can also help track an order or submit a complaint. Possibilities offered by a Chatbot really come into their own during recruitment processes. A Chatbot will relieve recruiters of the burden associated with filling in long forms, something which candidates are not fond of either. Instead, a few friendly questions are asked. Once the answers are accounted for, only the most promising applications will be passed on. And this saves time and money. A professionally built and “educated” Chatbot is also an excellent representative for any brand. Interaction with it is simple and pleasant, it delivers a dedicated service to customers, building brand loyalty. An algorithm geared towards learning means it starts responding in a professional manner very quickly. This builds customer trust, as they know that they can count on assistance and advice 24/7.

To sum up, there are many possible benefits of using a Chatbot in your business:

  • increased interest in a given website – more visits and more time spent on the website
  • decreased costs associated with reaching and acquiring new customers
  • building a customer knowledge base which includes their current and future needs and user profiles
  • effective, cheap and simple communication with customers, increased customer satisfaction
  • conversion on an advert like principle
  • building an image of a positive and modern company, competitive advantage
  • customer expectations and needs analysis
  • speed – from defining expectations to executing a transaction, everything takes less time, resulting in more sales and a simplified sales procedure
  • 24/7 availability, rain or shine
  • less work for the customer service department
  • easy access to specific details (bots have FAQ built in


As we can see, Chatbots offer a number of possibilities which help potential customers to discover more about your business. They are an immensely effective communication channel, through which recipients can quickly be presented with the range of products and services, prices, information about special offers, etc. Whereas those who prefer a more traditional form of communication, which includes interaction with a human being, can be given a contact number directly to a relevant member of staff. We have to bear in mind that the usefulness of Chatbots does not only depend on technological capabilities at hand, but also the innovativeness and creativity of their creators. And that is only the start of an era of multifaceted use of Chatbots in all business aspects.