Claremont College: New program excludes whites




It’s so funny how often official policy is ignored; in particular, every campus I’ve been on has had policy regarding equality, that everything is open to everyone without concern for ethnicity, gender, orientation, or anything else. Despite such policy, I’ve seen faculty and administration chosen based on race and gender, and I’ve seen faculty and administration refused promotion or hiring based on being the wrong race and gender. It’s really weird how once a position is occupied by a female, it remains occupied by a female forever afterwards.

Because administration has gotten away with bigoted and sexist hiring for years, it only makes sense that we’ll now see programs in explicit violation of written policy:

Claremont McKenna College is set to offer a program restricted to non-white individuals who feel they have experienced race-related stress. The college is officially funding the program, and its administration announced this week in a message directed to the students and faculty.

It’s so weird that there’s no money for so many things on campus today, but there’s always money for yet another pointless fiefdom. Let’s hear the administrative description for this lunacy:

“Dear CMC community, The Cultural Influences on Mental Health Center at CMC is offering a FREE 8-week compassionate meditation program for ethnic minority students to learn how to heal from racism- and race-related incidents,” wrote Vince Greer, Assistant Dean of Students for Diversity and Inclusion.

Before going any further, I want to talk a bit about Vince Greer. Did you catch that title, “Assistant Dean of Students for Diversity and Inclusion”? We really do have so many administrators on campus today that “Dean” just doesn’t cut it anymore. They have to award themselves ever more splendiferous titles. It’s been some time since I’ve mentioned a guideline for improving higher education: fire every administrator whose title is more than twice as long as his or her name. In this case, the title is some five times as long, so safely in the “close this position” rule. I know, it’s an arbitrary, ridiculous, unfair rule…but I’ve spent my entire career surviving in this system, seen many faculty careers ruined by arbitrary, ridiculous, unfair rules. It really is time for admin to live by such rules.

If such a rule is just too unfair, do keep in mind that the Assistant Dean of Students for Diversity and Inclusion just argued for an 8 week program that is racist on the face of it. He even has the audacity to call it “FREE” though I promise the gentle reader that, follow the money long enough, and you’ll see it comes from the student loan scam.

Please understand, this position is so ridiculous on the face of it that Vince Greer realizes, every day, that his job is in jeopardy. The only way he can keep his job is to create as much racial strife as possible, to show how necessary his position is. I’m not picking on Greer here; our campuses are loaded down with administrators with goofadelic titles trying to figure out some way to justify their jobs. Without this weird position of Assistant Dean of Students for Diversity and Inclusion, there’d be nobody whose job it (actually) is to create strife on campus, and nobody to advocate for racist programs to create strife.

Ok, the admin didn’t say the program was racist, but the entrance requirements are clear enough:

“Students must identify as an ethnic minority, must have experienced race-related stress, and must have attended one of the Claremont Colleges for at least one semester.

The requirements are ridiculous. I grant that being a student for at least one semester is fair enough, but how do you even determine the other requirements? Seriously, “race-related stress”? Is there a precise definition for such a thing? Heck, I’m pretty sure I’m feeling race-related stress just by reading this madness. I’d love to know for sure if my feelings satisfy the appropriate definition.

And, of course, that very first requirement rather restricts white people from entering the free program. I guess there’s a grey area there, since anyone can “identify” as anything, right? The sustained goofiness is just too much to consider.

In any event there are already student protests against this idiocy. That Vince, he’s pretty good at his job, no?

You know, there used to be a time when courses and programs had to be determined to be legitimate before they could be foisted on students. Apparently there still is, though I don’t understand how the review board didn’t see any problem here at all:

Per the Claremont Independent, the Institutional Review Board of the college approved the program.

The review really is supposed to consider carefully, i.e., “review” the program in light of what’s going on elsewhere on campus. For example, if the campus already has a course called “Calculus,” the board would review a new course called “Calculus” and determine if it was a good idea (usually, such redundancy would be denied).

In this case, the review board should not have approved this program, because the school clearly has a racist element in it, an element that has already used exclusion to advance their cause:

Claremont College “Safe Space” Facebook Group Shuttered After Anti-White Messages Leak

So, one anti-white safe space is filled in, and now the college wants to open up another? How did the review board miss this detail? How they could they possibly approve of this new program knowing exactly who’s going to use it, and what it’ll be used for?

In times past, such review boards were filled with faculty, people that actually wanted peace on campus, so they could pursue the true goals of higher education: education and research. Now, review boards, and every other committee on campus, are under the thumb of administration. Do we have any reason to think administration wants more strife and protests?

Let’s see what the Poo Bah has to day:

President Hiram Chodosh wrote publicly that “We must ensure that each of our students shares a deep sense of belonging to the CMC community. Thus, I am committed to developing a thoughtful, productive, and responsible inclusion strategy, where every student is fully engaged and valued… No student or group on our campus should live and learn in isolation.”

We really at the point in higher ed where “inclusion” means having programs that exclude white people. I assure you, no administrator, and certainly no faculty, on this campus (or any other) would dare to try to correct the Poo Bah.