Why College is the perfect time to assert financial independence


Many people look at the college years as the time they officially make the transformation from youth to adulthood. For the first time in many of their lives, college students are able to assume responsibility for their own lives. No one is there to tell them what to eat when to go to bed, or even if they should go to class or not. The best students, and often those who eventually become the most successful once they leave college, are the ones who are able to take this responsibility in stride, proving that they can handle themselves without their parents or guardians holding their hands on every decision they make. And yet many of these same college students are denied the ability to look after their own money.

It is one of the areas of control that parents are most reluctant to relinquish. And, in accordance with that, it’s also one area of their lives that students, who otherwise would take control of every other facet of their college journey, are willing to allow their parents to handle. Yet they should reconsider if at all possible. That’s not to say they should be responsible for paying their tuitions, which can be way too big a burden for a youth who can’t keep a steady job because of all the hours of schooling. But the day to day routine of handling routine bills and costs can be a way for college-age kids to begin asserting their financial independence.

“If those same kids would like to learn about the world of investing, a nice place to start is to open a MetaTrader 4 trading account so they can get some expert assistance along the way. The following are just a few of the reasons why parents should be handing over most of the financial reins come college.”

Independence All Around

It can’t be said that a person has gained complete independence if they aren’t in charge of paying their bills, saving their money for things they want, and things like that. If they can prove that they can do the job of watching their money in such a free-flowing environment, it’s a good indicator they’ll be ready for it once they strike out on their own.

Adjustment Period

If someone waits until they are starting to live on their own to first control their finances, it can lead to a situation where they make what can best be deemed as rookie mistakes. As a result, they could be doing damage to their long-term financial status. The college will give them time to get those mistakes out of the way with much less at stake.

Taking the Burden off Mom and Dad

College tuition is extremely expensive, and something that only the wealthiest parents can afford without taking a big hit. As a result, any help they can get from the student is something that will be greatly appreciated.

The only way to truly prove one’s utter independence is for them to have the checkbook in their control. Once they get the hang of that, their financial future will be on the much firmer ground.