E-Commerce in 2021: Professional tips to fully optimize your e-commerce website and drive more organic traffic


It’s 2021, and the whole world is under lockdown due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. The internet has never been of a bigger value to common citizens, governments, and businesses alike.

E-commerce is booming at the moment. However, driving traffic to your online store still has many challenges coming your way, and you need an effective marketing strategy to drive more consumers to your online store. According to some statistics, 53% of consumers will rely on organic search results on the first page of Google to find what they need.

In other words, even though most of the world’s population currently uses the internet to go about their daily needs, you still need an effective website and SEO optimization tactics to ensure the number of new customers to your website continues to grow.

Let’s what you can do to grow your e-commerce traffic without breaking your budget.

Social Media Offer an Abundant Potential

Most businesses make the same mistake in launching their operations first and thinking about marketing and traffic-driving strategies later, which is wrong. The moment you launch your online store is the moment your marketing strategy needs to be ready for securing a steady flow of consumers regularly visiting your store.

To achieve this goal, you’ll need a strong and authoritative online presence. Everything starts with building brand image and awareness around it. You have one advantage to boost your efforts – the majority of modern consumers use smartphones and mobile devices to connect to the internet and find everything they need daily.

Chances are that most of them use social media regularly. You can reach them by establishing a strong presence on social media. Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram are among the most popular social media platforms at the moment.

Do some research on your target audience and then identify social media networks where your consumers are most active. Keep in mind that you’ll need top-quality content to reach them and grab their attention.

These networks allow you to harness the power of social media marketing tricks to engage with your target audience, keep an eye on your competitors, find out about new trends and events in your business niche, and so much more that can help you drive more traffic to your website.

Get Your SEO to the Highest Level

SEO is immensely important for every business trying to build better online traffic. The average consumer uses search engines 3-4 times per day, mostly Google, as it owns over 95% of the search engine market share. Logically, the better your business ranks on Google, the more internet users get to see it.

The following steps can help you tackle your SEO game:

  • Focus on your domain name – according to a professional domain broker at saw.com, your domain name plays a huge role in your SEO and website optimization, as it represents your brand and everything your business stands for. It is the very first step toward building and establishing your brand as authoritative and trustworthy.
  • Use a keyword tool to create attention-grabbing, engaging content.
  • Use Google Analytics to analyze your SEO performance and improve your strategy.
  • Research both Google Adwords and PPC to see how your marketing campaign performs to improve it.

Keeping an eye on your SEO allows you to see where you need to optimize your online store. If your budget supports it, we recommend you consider SEO services to achieve the best results.

Combine Local Marketing With Your Promotional Strategy

Both Gen Z and millennials love a good sale and promotion. In fact, they need such incentives to make their purchasing decisions. However, new times require new measures. Marketing isn’t about sales anymore – it’s more about delivering real value to your target audience. There are a couple of ways to do that:

  • Start offering coupons, deals, and discounts and optimize your offer on major retail events like Black Friday.
  • Create a top-tier loyalty program to allow access to rewards for the most loyal consumers and offer them freebies, discounted sales, and exclusive content.
  • Create kits and bundles to allow your customers to save by purchasing select items together.

An effective way to make the most out of your promotions is to consider tossing local marketing into the equation. Consider taking your experiences off-line too, but if your budget can’t support it, you can use social media as a free marketing tool.

Simply tag a location when you post content to alert all potential prospects in that area. You’d be surprised what this simple move can do for your online exposure. Consider guest blogging and influencer marketing efforts to gain even more traffic. SEO can also help use all local resources more effectively.


All these tactics and techniques can help create a much-needed buzz around your business, brand name, vision, mission, and purpose. Once you have that cleared out, promoting and marketing your product assortment comes down to constant monitoring of your performance and discovering new ways to wow your target audience.

The main point is that all this has to eventually lead to your website where your customers, loyal consumers, potential prospects, and simple visitors can find out about your business, products, and services. Once you have a steady flow of traffic, improving sales shouldn’t be a problem.