Essay writing tools App for iOS: Silver bullet for students’ problems


In May 2017, there were 2.2 million apps registered in the Apple App Store. Educational applications took the third place among them, falling behind the second player – business apps – by 1,36% only. The popularity of educational apps is easily explained by the changing educational environment, which nowadays requires ongoing development, immediate reactions and strategic solutions.

Essay Writing Tools app for iOS – created by – is one of those helpful and free iOS apps that make students’ life easier and more productive.

Their team has incorporated into this app all the findings and solutions they have been able to produce over more than 10 years in academic writing assistance. They continue to make substantial efforts to upgrade their services to meet the academic challenges of nowadays. Essay Writing Tools app is both the result of these efforts, and the embodiment of the major goal pursued by – taking care of students under academic and writing pressure.

Essay Writing Tools unites time management principles with specific academic writing utilities that come in handy for busy students, who need immediate writing help and solution. Download it here and go through basic useful features with this short guide.

Academic Reminder with Push Notifications

It is 9 pm, you are almost done with all your chores for today, and there is only another episode of “Big Bang Theory” or “Game of Thrones” left for this evening. Surely, it is the worst time to recall the 7 page research paper due tomorrow 10 am. But it is what often happens.

Essay Writing Tools was created to keep your academic deadlines in order and help you organize your writing routine. Set reminders for your writing assignments and be sure to submit the paper on time.

To set a reminder, choose “New Assignment” and specify all details regarding a particular order: type of paper, discipline and deadline.

After that define when you would like to be reminded and save the entry. You can rest assured that when the reminding time comes, you will be continuously “pushed” to write by informative notifications.

By the way, CustomWritings team advise setting a deadline 1 day before the submitting date. This will help you avoid force majeure.

Bibliography Generator

The research is deep, the thesis statement is concise, the conclusion is groundbreaking. The last task to deal with is the bibliography, and, as usual, there is no time left for it.

Bibliography Generator within Essay Writing Tools is easy to use, and you can create all needed references over lunch and even on your way to university.

To get a proper citation for your works cited page or reference list, choose the needed format and the source’s type. Once you have done that, list all details about the source and choose the medium. Selecting a general source of your reference, be it Print, Web or Kindle, is another useful perk of Essay Writing Tools app. With such specification, you can be sure your citations will live up to the most current expectations. Copy-paste the received results and avoid any mistakes and omissions.

Words to Pages Converter

Being a student, you receive plenty of writing tasks every week, and though your college or university claims to utilize the unified style of assignments, it is hardly so in reality.

Words to Pages Converter within the app will help you transform “1100, Times New Roman, 10, 1,5” cipher scribbled in the margins of your workbook into the real number of pages you have to write. This way you will minimize ambiguities related to the formatting and volume of your paper – especially when it comes to the hot exam weeks.

The Converter will also come in handy if you decide to use “Get help with this assignment” alarm button and receive some expert assistance with your paper. Clicking on it, you will be able to communicate with a tutor and order 100% legit essay sample, using which as a model paper you can hone your writing skills and save time on research.

If you are a student overwhelmed with writing tasks, Essay Writing Tools should be on your iPhone or iPad at least “just in case.” It is free, functional and offers an instant help every time you are in trouble with assignments.