The most exciting technological advancements of today



There’s no doubt that technology plays an important role in our daily lives. Everything we see around us is the result of technological advancement, one way or the other. Every generation has had its own share of technological advancements, from the invention of transportation to that of computers. Here are some of the most exciting technological advancements of today.

Self-Driving Cars

Probably one of the most anticipated technology of our times, the self-driving car is no longer just a dream. The competition towards launching the first 100% self-driving car is not only limited to car companies such as Tesla, Volvo or Toyota. Giant tech companies like Google and Bosch are also in the race.

Although Tesla has launched a couple of models that have self-driving capabilities, the company is not yet at the end of the road. Its autopilot might be one of the best ones available to the general public, however, it still requires the drive to pay attention to the road. According to the latest WHO (World Health Organization) statistics, more than 1 million people die in car-related accidents every year. Similar to how the first cars revolutionized the world in the last century, self-driving cars are expected to have the same impact.

Speech Recognition

Speech recognition software isn’t a novel idea. In fact, it has been around for nearly 70 years. However, the technological possibilities were fairly limited until recently. Today, speech recognition software comes in many devices, including smartphones, vehicles, and standalone gadgets.

In theory, speech recognition could be used for more than just searching for local restaurants or scheduling meetings with business partners. Scientific data shows that humans, on average, can speak up to 150 words per minute. In comparison, we can only type around 40 words in the same time. A very accurate speech recognition software could potentially streamline everything from daily activities to large-scale operations such as research and development or computing.

Artificial Intelligence

Public opinion is divided when it comes to artificial intelligence. Some believe it’s going to be a life-saving software, while others believe that artificial intelligence will cause the end of mankind. Regardless, artificial intelligence is one of the most exciting technological advancements of today. One the good side, Google has been using artificial intelligence to control its datacenter power system for years and the company managed to cut down their electricity consumption by 40%. Not only is Google helping towards developing a better AI system, they’re also fighting towards clean energy and less waste.

AI’s biggest promise is take the place of people doing repetitive mental tasks. In this way, artificial intelligence is similar to the industrial revolution, which helped people with repetitive physical tasks.

Clean Energy

Climate change is a controversial subject but the fact that humans are polluting more than ever is still a fact. Research shows that carbon emissions have risen approximately 2% per year for the past 30 years. Not only is clean energy exciting, it’s also very much needed. Solar powered cells are becoming a norm around the world, with prices dropping dramatically since the 1970s. Further technological development will make solar cells more reliable and cost-efficient than fossil fuels in the near future. A wide variety of companies are already trying to combat pollution and develop new technologies meant to offer a sustainable solution to fossil fuels.