Get a move on


For some people moving is not a major problem. They just call up the helicopter, the private plane, get the RV out of the garage of just add a trailer to the truck.

But for many people moving is quite a traumatic event. Research suggests that moving is a significant life stressor for children.

Moving is hard. It’s a trauma. Even when you’re moving back home, when you’re excited about the move, even when it’s a dream job for your husband and you’ll be closer to family and when you know it’s the best thing for your kids–it’s hard. Because it’s starting over.

Be it a College student moving to their new dorm (well in more settled times this will happen again) or a professor moving to a new job, or simply moving back to your hometown to be closer to Mum and Dad there is stress involved.

Planning and being structured are important.

Think of the small things you need to take care of: check with your doctor, dentist or other health providers that your records will be sent to your new providers. Make arrangements for power and telephone disconnections if these are in your name. Check that your cable services will be available at your new location. Remember to check with your insurance company that the goods you are sending will be insured for replacement if lost, stolen and damaged.

If you are moving your household think about rubbish disposal including food. Countdown the days and ensure that you have as little to dispose of on moving day as possible. Don’t forget you will need liquids during the packing moving action and also at the other end when unpacking and putting things in place.

You need to decide if you want a full service moving company or just help with some aspects of the move. If you are a College student, it is probably just a matter stuffing your gear in a bag and shoving it in the car and off you go.

Remember that when you select a moving company you are trusting them with your valuables. Try and make it as simple and painless as possible. Look online to find a suitable moving company – ask friends as they may know someone.

I recall moving from one country to another. We had a manifest and each carton or items was numbered. The items were loaded into a container and off to the shipyard they went. The container arrived some 3 weeks later at our new location. A member of the family ticked off every item which was unloaded against the manifest. At the end of the day every item on the manifest had been ticked – we were all good. Except…. To this day 20 years later we still cannot find one box with some very important memorabilia. Was it unloaded? Was it misplaced? Was it thrown out with the packaging materials? Who knows but it has never been found.

Whatever the reason for moving just remember to plan it, choose the right moving company and create as little stress as possible. Don’t forget to give your current friends your new contact details and keep in touch after the move because friends can never be replaced.