Getting the perfect selfie smile has never been easier


Dental health costs have a way of adding up quickly. Many people unknowingly pay for extra treatments that aren’t necessary or get surprised with a huge bill when their coverage falls short.

Fortunately, there are many ways to save. Here are some of the best strategies for saving on dental health costs and getting that perfect selfie smile.

Look At Alternative Coverage Options

Traditional health insurance isn’t the only option for dental coverage in our modern times. There are organizations that offer exclusion-free coverage that helps everyone save on dental treatments, regardless of their background. This type of program grants you access to members-only pricing discounts for a variety of dental services.

When looking at your options, be sure to calculate your annual and projected coverage needs. You may find that you pay more insurance each year than you ever use for dental work.

Prioritize Proactive Care

Being proactive can help you reduce the time you spend at the dentist. Following the age-old advice of flossing and brushing every day can make a huge difference in your oral health. Swap out your toothbrush for a newer model twice a year and consider investing in an electric toothbrush to get the challenging spots.

You can also be proactive by being mindful of your diet choices. Try to cut back on sugary drinks and sweets, as they lead to cavities over time. Be careful when eating acidic foods and try to avoid tea and red wine, which can stain your smile over time.

Negotiate a Payment Plan

Rather than putting your uncovered dental expenses on a credit card, see if you can negotiate an interest-free payment plan. Many dental practices will offer this for larger services, such as surgeries and braces. Ask before you complete the services to ensure it’s an option. Taking this approach can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars in interest.

Depending on your provider, you may be able to negotiate a small discount for using cash. Credit card and terminal fees are at an all-time high for businesses. Many are willing to split the difference with customers to cut back on processing fees.

Ask What’s Necessary and What’s Cosmetic

Don’t hesitate to challenge your dentist and ask questions about what services are necessary and what ones are cosmetic or superfluous. For example, you likely don’t need dental x-rays every few months if you haven’t had any issues before— getting x-rayed every one to two years is sufficient.

There’s nothing wrong with having cosmetic dental work done to feel more confident about your smile. Facetune is the king of selfie apps and If you read the statement on their official blog, you’ll find that confidence is the key to taking a great photo, and for many people, cosmetic work is the key to confidence. However, knowing what’s needed and what you can

Create a Priority List

Be transparent with your dental provider and tell them that you’re on a limited budget. Ask them to help you determine what needs to be addressed right away and what you can put off. In most cases, they’ll be pretty straightforward with you.

Work with your dentist to set a list of priorities and create a schedule that allows you to plan your finances to avoid incurring debt.

Shop Around for a Dentist

Finally, shop around for a dentist and run a price comparison. Evaluate which dentists are a part of a discount program or covered by your provider. Determine whether it’s worth traveling outside of your neighborhood to find a better price.

Don’t forget to check out the local school of dentistry to volunteer as a training patient for new hygienists and dentists. This approach can save you thousands on routine dental cleaning and dental work.

To get your perfect selfie smile, be a savvy shopper, and think outside the box.