Hiring a contractor for windows and doors


Updating your windows and doors represents an excellent opportunity to modernize your home – it increases your equity, provides an improvement in the quality of life and will reduce your energy bill in the process. In order to complete the trifecta of benefits you need enlist the services of a windows and doors company, and that can be a challenge. To determine if a contractor qualifies for the work you need done at your home there are some questions you should be asking to determine a road map to the place you want to go. And that place is a quality windows and doors replacement done by a certified contractor with bona fides to achieve the results. At AM Window and Door Solutions we provide all the services you will need from a windows and doors company.

What you need to know, hiring a windows and doors company

  • When you need the services of a windows and doors company, the first thing to do is look locally for a contractor who has the ability to meet your needs. The local contractor will have local work to his credit and provides you ample opportunity to seek others who can shed light on the work done and the results that were achieved.
  • When interviewing a perspective contractor, ask two equally important questions: first the company insured, and second, is company licensed to operate in the municipality. This will weed out the seasonal contractor and the contractor is who isn’t above board in his business dealings.
  • When you hire a windows and doors company, there are two disparate groups that can be used. First off a contractor may only be quoting a job, and assigning the work to a subcontracting crew for completion. The other type of contractor is one who has an established crew to facilitate the work. Lean towards a company that has a crew at their disposal, it will eliminate headaches later if the work is less than promised.
  • When making an investment of the nature that windows and doors require, you need the security that a warranty will provide. The warranty for windows and doors should come in two stages, one a guarantee for the work and second a guarantee for the materials that are used. Without either it could be trouble down the line if there is a failure of materials or installation that causes problems for a homeowner.
  • The last thing you need to cross off your checklist for a windows and doors company is a written estimate. Without an estimate, costs could balloon far beyond the agreed upon price and there is no recourse for a homeowner when that happens.

When you hire us at AM Window and Door Solutions, you can count on the details being spoken to in plain language that leave nothing to up to the imagination. For more than 60-years, and three generations, we have been at the forefront of windows and doors industry and our work rings true. Our staff is licensed and insured installers that deliver on the promise of quality workmanship. When our work is complete we have a warranty for 10-years for labour and the products come with a manufacturer’s warranty to cover materials.

For a personal consultation to make your new windows and doors a thing of beauty, contact us today at AM Window and Door Solutions for a free estimate, inspection and to develop a framework for your home’s retrofit at 1.877.281.6900