How to cope with loneliness during this pandemic


Everyone experiences such a phase in life when they feel lonely even in a crowded public place. Perhaps you have tried enough but failed to cope with loneliness. The situation gets horrible when you have no one with you to try and take you out of this situation.

The world is going through such a phase when everybody is locked down in their homes due to the COVID19 pandemic. A few lucky ones are locked with their loved ones and are having a good time however there are people who are locked down with people around and still feel lonely as the relations are not so melodious. Some unfortunate people are also there who are locked down all alone and have no one to talk to. Here in this article you will find a solution for all such sort of situations and learn how to cope with loneliness during this quarantine phase.

What Are the Symptoms of Loneliness?

Before we get to know how to cope with loneliness and depression, first we need to realize that we are actually in that situation. Until you won’t be able to figure out what’s making you sad, you won’t be able to help yourself.

NO Best Friends – People suffering from loneliness only have people around. They may be friends but they don’t have best friends. Casual friends or acquaintances are only friends with benefits.

Feeling of Isolation – You may be surrounded by lots of people at a party but you still feel lonely. You may have dozens of people around but still, you feel isolated and separated from the crowd.

Feels Worthless – Even if you have all the money in the world but if you don’t have besties around, all the money is worthless. You feel alone and get surrounded by negative feelings and chronic loneliness.

Feels Ignored – When you try to connect with people, you don’t get a response. You feel ignored as nobody responds to your connection request or returns a call.

More Digital Friends Than Real Ones – People suffering from loneliness have more friends on Facebook or Instagram but have rarely anyone to share a smile or shake hands. People on social networking are not your real world.

How to Cope with Loneliness in Isolation

If you are stuck in a quarantine situation and you don’t have anybody along with you, here are a few things that will keep you motivated, destressed, and connected with the outer world.

Stay Connected with The Outer World – If you are stuck in isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic, stay connected with the outer world via any mode of communication. Watch news and know what’s happening around the world. Being updated is the key factor to stay motivated.

Don’t Shy to Make a Call – If you have been ignored by someone in the past, don’t hold the grudge. Just make a call and try to establish a connection. Connect with people on a video call or share jokes or open-ended questions. You will start getting responses.

Family is Forever – If you are in a remote location and are stuck alone, keep your phone connected to a video call and stay in touch with your loved ones throughout the day.

Enjoy Your Own Company – If you realize that you are alone in this quarantine, you will fall into depression. Put on some music, have a beautiful time with yourself. Live every day as it’s your last day and do whatever you thought of doing one day. This is the best quality time you can spend with yourself.

Drop your Ego – If you had arguments earlier with someone and you regret your mistake, this is the right time to connect back. Leave your ego and raise a hand for friendship.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone – Join something new, learn new things, and enrich your skills. Learning a new thing will never go in vain as this will help you combat loneliness and you will start stress-free during the quarantine.

Seek Professional Help – If you are still unable to cope with loneliness during this pandemic situation, there is no harm in seeking medical attention. Connect with a professional on a call or pay a visit to a doctor. You will at least get a company of someone.

Stuck with Your Family or Friend, Still Lonely?

If you are stuck with your family or friend in lockdown and still feel alone as your bond is not going through a good phase of life, here are a few recommendations for you.

Initiate a Conversation – If you are feeling lonely, that also means that your partner in the same lockdown is also feeling the same. Don’t hesitate, initiate a conversation on a positive note and try to fix the knot of your bonding again.

Recall Good Old Memories – If you are unsure what to start a conversation with, recall a good old memory and initiate your conversation. Let your partner travel through those memories and the moment of happiness will be visible in the air. Ask for a fresh start and things will come out with flying colors.

Start Step-by-Step – Don’t just think of going on honeymoon then and there. Start with small things like cooking together, sharing a TV remote, asking about how they are feeling about something, and doing dishes.

Settle on Conditions – If you are not able to live with harmony and peace during this lockdown with your partner or relative, it is recommended to start fresh with new conditions. Set up conditions and limitations for each other and follow them to the core. Eventually, you will need to start something on a good note and try to cope with each other.

Is Loneliness Dangerous?

Loneliness is a serious matter that may challenge you with life-threatening conditions. It increases the risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease. It also boosts your cholesterol, blood pressure, and obesity.

Can Loneliness Change Your Personality?

When you feel lonely, you don’t wish to take care of yourself, your personality, or your appearance. Your personality changes with your expanding waistline. You gain weight and observe internal and external changer in your body with dull, irritating behavior on your face. Your personality gets worse!

Can You Go Crazy from Being Alone?

Being alone might cause you to hallucinate. If a healthy person is put under stress, their cortisol level increases, and they suffer from a high level of stress and loneliness.

What is Emotional Isolation?

Emotional isolation is a state of mind when people are surrounded by a huge social network however, they are still alone. People are unable to relate to anyone and stay physically and mentally alone.

Summing Up

Now that you know how to determine that you are suffering from loneliness and how to cope with loneliness during quarantine, we are sure that you will try and practice these suggestions to bring your life back to the track. You will need to understand the gravity of the situation and try to settle things out to get them back on track. After all, it’s your life and it’s precious. You are also someone’s world!