How to make educational videos using Wondershare DemoCreator?


We are living in the year 2020, where everything depends on the blink of a click. Food and products, travel, medical purposes, and educational purposes are solved by the internet only. The advanced technology and the pandemic situation made us realize the educational system’s digital platform even more. Online classes and tutorial videos, video lessons are the medium of teaching nowadays. Usually, the learning classes come with limited views (once or twice), so there is always a chance of missing out on vital lessons.

Video editor and screencast provides the solution with the option of screen record, so the students can watch it whenever they want. A significant benefit of screencast is that the viewers can watch the screencast when it’s best for them because learning doesn’t always occur in an academic setting. Additionally, the viewer can absorb the information at their own pace by pausing and re-watching portions. Screencasts add a personal touch in ways that other methods simply cannot.

How can we use a video recorder and editor?

Video contents that provide education and vital lessons are supposed to be neat, clean, and presentable to help the students absorb the knowledge. With an all-rounder video and screen recorder with an audioWondershare DemoCreator, you can easily create video content for your online classes and edit them further to your requirement. Here are steps that you can follow to make the contents for students:

1.Use it to introduce yourself to the class:

Before beginning any class or lesson, it’s essential to introduce yourself to the students or viewers to gain their trust. You can do that by sharing your background and experience or any specialization on that particular subject. You can also add some personal touches like your other interests or hobbies to connect with the students. This is just a basic introduction that will help your viewers to know you better. So don’t work too hard on this but also don’t miss it out. Wondershare DemoCreator allows you to screen record and record from webcam too. You can directly introduce yourself with the webcam recording option. Open the application, and you will see a red button named Capture. Click on it and set the parameters for recordings like resolution and framerate. Go the camera setup and choose capture from the dropdown and set the parameters.

2.Use it to introduce the class structure:

The next theme comes to the class structure. The students need to know about the course or class structure that they are going to learn from. This gives the viewers or students an idea about what they will learn and what would progress after the session ends. This is a descriptive part where you can use DemoCreator for the screen recording of a PowerPoint slideshow or any other documents files to make it more presentable and understandable. Ensure you use the audio of the microphone properly because the voice-over and presentation are very important. Using screencast to explain online course navigation and instructions helps provide the instructor presence critical to student success in online environments.

3. Use it to present content or demonstrate skills to your students:

The main part of the content is the video lessons. Here are some ideas to improvise your content even more and reach many viewers with the help of Wondershare DemoCreator:

  • Record and present a speech, a story, an interview, or a conversation to make it more interactive and lively.

  • Screen capture a presentation along with narration. Use the audio components and Denoise effect to provide better clarity and let the viewers understand each word.
  • Screen capture a demonstration of a math problem being solved using a drawing program when editing.
  • Create tutorials and step-by-step video demonstrations on how to use laboratory equipment or specific software programs.
  • Provide training on a range of topics. This can help the students to learn about the related subjects and the implication of it.
  • Offer explanations and clarifications of complex concepts. Since not every student carries the same merit and cannot approach them in person like offline classes, try to explain more with simpler words.
  • Record chunked lectures, or break up longer lectures into smaller segments. You can trim and keep only the most important parts or clips to make the video compact and engaging.

4.Use it to provide feedback to your students:

DemoCreator screen recorder allows you to augment textual corrections with speech and drawings that can help you provide feedback to your students. As you can show some examples and show your students or viewers what is wrong and what the right process to work on is. This provides guidance and accuracy in learning.

Besides recording screens, you can also add annotation, captions, merge your videos, and others to your video.

There are some advanced features provided by Wondershare DemoCreator to make your video contents attractive and helpful enough to make it feel institution like or like a real class. Here are some features, and it’s used:

1. Split and Merge Videos– The videos can split into two separate videos. Simply right-click on the desired video. You’ll find an option ‘split’ from the panel. Select it and place it on the playhead to merge them both.

2. Cursor effect – Usually, when you work on a screen recorded video, the mouse pointer or the cursor plays a vital role. So make sure you use the cursor effects to add your videos a more student-friendly touch. Or you can even hide it if you like.

3. Add Annotation– Add annotations as in writings, callouts, highlight, or symbols to give your video material to emphasize the important parts of the lessons.

4. Add Transition– Add different transitions between your clips like fade in, fade out, etc. to keep the video’s continuity and flow.

5. Effects– Wondershare DemoCreator provides three usual effects like Green screen, Cinema 21:9, and Mosaic. The green screen effect is used for animation as it removes the color of background to keep only the characters. This effect can be used for video lessons by keeping yourself in the frame and adding the subject matter at background like a board.

The cinematic aspect ratio and the soothing color is provided by Cinema 21:9. Mosaic provides a blur effect on a specific region if you need to hide something in the video (like face, name, or personal data).


Wondershare DemoCreator is a useful screen recorder and video editor for you to capture and edit educational video content, video demos, tutorials, presentations and so on. You can also export to different video formats such as MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, GIF or MP3 format. It is a feature-rich software for you to create a professionally recorded and edited screen recording for your educational video content. You can download DemoCreator from the official website and give it a try.