Information overload: where learning and tech come together


When it comes to learning, especially at exam time students try to cram. There is so much to learn that we struggle to take it all in, we fill ourselves to overload and we try to find ways to filter what we need most. Technology is helping the world master the ability to learn but some parts of the tech are creating more information to store and then we get to a point where we technology to help us store and managed the very information we are trying to store and manage in our own brains. Quite literally technology and learning collide addressing and even creating a variety of challenges.

Keeping information safe, secure and easy to find

One of the challenges we face today is that we have more data and more information than ever before. Even our exam results and certificates form part of a glut of information where sensible filing and clever tech is needed even after we have been through school and college. The development of blockchain-based record (or) blockchain-based records is helping in this area. Clever filing is making the results of what we study easier to record and access while also adding levels of security that prevent fraudulent claims of results being presented. Once all your studying is done, blockchain technology is helping manage the information from your learning to help students in their future career.

Using tech to help the brain store information

In the past teachers and lecturers relied on blackboards, books, and overhead projectors to present information for students to learn. Absorbing, remembering and recalling the information, especially at exam time, was often a challenge for many students. With so much being leaned, cramming in the lead up to exams became the way to succeed. Cramming is tiring and with a tired brain, it is more difficult to readily access information. For this reason, students have invented various ways to learn and recall information better. However, it is well known that the brain works differently for almost everyone when it comes to learning and technology today provides a variety of ways to improve learning, information retention, and retrieval. With innovative use of video and audio when combined with learning psychology learning and tech shake hands in a remarkable way.

The digital private tutor

As always, the best way to learn is to have access to someone with the skills to teach. For many students, the hour or two of lectures or lessons is a crammed information overload that endeavors to provide as much information as possible in the shortest space of time. Information overload requires slowing down for many people but there are only so many hours a day where a teacher is available. Here once again tech makes learning better with the use of digital teachers that can be like having a private tutor at a fraction of the cost. With this technology, a learner can ask the questions they want when they want and because of this the brain absorbs and files the information better.

Technology is improving education all the time but must never take over the process of learning. Applying technology is the key to success when it comes to improving education.