Inside the mind of a lunatic running a Higher Ed asylum


It’s no secret many of our institutions of higher education have a real problem with rabid, vicious, White-Hating Social Justice Warriors (or SJWs, or Leftists, if you prefer) overrunning campuses across the county.

For “converged” institutions, that is, institutions where the takeover is complete, I see no solution beyond bulldozers. These guys have no tolerance for opposing views, and converged campuses can only seal themselves off into a bubble of hatred of everything else, ending in their eventual self-destruction as the hatred turns inward.

Luckily, these guys have overplayed their hand, and many of them speak out, revealing their institutions as corrupted. A recent article on Inside Higher Ed contains the rant of a SJW. Lest the reader think I’m being unfair in the characterization, allow me to begin with a short bio of the author:

Nicole Truesdell is the senior director of the office of academic diversity and inclusiveness, and affiliated faculty in critical identity studies at Beloit College. Her general interests are in radical pedagogy, academic hustling and social justice.
–when did “academic hustling” become a hobby or personal interest?

It wasn’t that long ago that no campus in the country had an “office of academic diversity” filled with commissars making $150k a year, like this “senior director.” The interested reader should consider the list of office staff for this fiefdom, to get even a slight idea of how much money is wasted in these places.

Anyway, it wasn’t that long ago that no institution had diversity fiefdoms. By no coincidence, it wasn’t that long ago race riots were nonexistent on campus, as well.

The thing is, these Offices of Diversity wield scary power on campus, as faculty are forced to go to re-education meetings to have large volumes of ideological dogma crammed down their throats. Refusing to go participate in the brainwashing can lead to repercussions, as the Duke Divinity crisis highlighted in detail. Faculty are terrified of speaking out, as we know the consequences are dire.

So let’s read what this self-admitted Social Justice Warrior has to say, as it very much highlights what’s going on in higher education today:

Recent events in Charlottesville, Va., and Shelbyville, Tenn., show us the modern face of American white supremacy. Rather than marching under sheets or lurking in the backwoods, today’s white supremacists stand proud in their tan khakis and white polos with tiki torches in hand.

Of the thousands of the participants in Charlottesville, only a few dozen at most were arguably “white supremacists,” with the largest group there being Antifa terrorists. Our commissar above doesn’t care about such data, and instead simply repeats the narrative.

…we can also look to colleges and universities as sites that help both disseminate and normalize racist hate speech.

Wait…what? How does this commissar not know that free speech is now discouraged on many campuses today, with enough incidents that it can be shown there’s a statistically significant negative correlation between free speech and tuition?

Again, the commissar does not care about facts and reason, only pushing the narrative.

Alt-right/white supremacist speakers and organizations are choosing to use and abuse colleges and universities as locations at which to speak and recruit. Speakers like Richard Spencer, Milo Yiannopoulos and Ann Coulter…

More pushing of the narrative. I assure the gentle reader, re-education seminars are much like this. Lies, and lies, and lies, are crammed down faculty throats. I would like to point out that Milo is a homosexual with a black boyfriend…and yet the narrative here is Milo is a “white supremacist.” I don’t claim to be an expert, but I’m pretty sure white supremacists are against homosexuality, and very confident they’re against people of different races having sex with each other. But the narrative must be pushed no matter how ridiculous it is.

The author then slathers that label on Coulter and Spencer, but this is silly stuff.

Ann Coulter was one of the very few to identify Donald Trump as not only legitimate, but as the winner of the presidential election long before he was even nominated as a candidate. She did so confidently and repeatedly, never backing down…I’m completely unaware of any “white supremacist” views she’s uttered, but with such a demonstrated track record of political insight, it’s clear what she has to say should be heeded.

(I’ve never heard Richard Spencer speak, and so cannot comment on this other charge by the commissar, though I have little optimism it is accurate.)

It’s so…infuriating that the commissars engage in this baseless name-calling. Why do the commissars get to define what “white supremacist” means, and why is their definition so vague as to include people like Milo who are the very opposite of any definition of white supremacist a sane person would use?

Why are colleges and universities prime and targeted sites for white supremacist speakers and their allies?

It’s so tiresome listening to this idiocy. Speakers come to campus because they are invited. There’s no “targeting here,” certainly not by white supremacist speakers, assuming any exist who legitimately can even be called that.

Rather than address systemic and structural oppression and discrimination, faculty are being asked to take “neutral” stances and just teach our disciplines…Yet for many scholars, this is our work.

Uh, no? This is one of the many things that makes ideologues so tiresome: belief that ideology is everything. A few years ago, our leaders in higher ed could only grunt how “leadership” was the purpose of higher ed, but on campuses where commissars have taken over, higher education is now about ideology.

Honest, higher education is supposed to be about education, either of people or humanity. To assert higher education is all about looking for oppression, looking for ways to be offended, is even more inaccurate than thinking higher education is about leadership.

I have been trained specifically to see and call out institutional racism through an intersectional lens.

I bet not one reader in 10,000 knows what the author is talking about here. You’re missing nothing, I promise you, it’s just irrelevant navel-gazing, the training mentioned can be mastered and emulated quickly: just call anything you don’t like “RACIST.” Simply practice shouting that word until you can reliably spew spittle with every utterance, and you too can become a commissar.

It is on college and university campuses, and within our classrooms and through our programming, where resistance to this encroaching normalized white supremacist ideology must be challenged.

Wait…what? Again. “Normalized white supremacist ideology”? Imagine listening to this stuff for hours on end, to get some idea of what a re-education seminar for faculty is like. We’ve established the SJWs honestly believe everything is RACIST now…there’s no point in trying to please them by trying to remove whatever they consider racist, as this wouldn’t leave a square foot of ground to stand on.

I’ve only touched on the highlights of the rant, above. As is so often the case, scholars roast this idiocy in the comments section. They do so anonymously, of course, since if any scholar openly challenged the above narrative, well, it’s off to the re-education seminar again.

One comment points out the ultimate issue here:

I’ve read this article and the links provided, yet nowhere here or in those links is “white supremacy” clearly defined. As far as I can tell, what this author and those she links to call “white supremacy” is in reality simple white culture.

With no definition, “white supremacy” does indeed mean whatever the SJW wants it to mean, and any look at their words and behavior make it clear: the SJW hates white people, hates white culture, and anything associated with either is “white supremacy.”

It’s good that they’ve revealed their ultimate goal of killing everything white. But now that we know what they want, will anything be done about it?