Living and studying in Toronto, Canada


The birth of Toronto can be traced back to about 12,000 years ago before the end of the ice age. The British created what was known as the ‘Town of York” which was known as the upper Canadian frontier. Later, it grew to what we call the city of Toronto in 1834. With civilization came expansion and it has now become one of the best places to live in the world. Toronto is Canada’s largest city with about 6 million citizens living peacefully. It is adjudged by times’ magazine, to be the fifth most comfortable city to live in in the world.

Toronto is ranked by various travel sites as a very safe destination for intended visitors. The city boasts of fully mowed and beautiful gardens, interlocked walkways, safe courtyards, and awesome water wheels. Concerning safety and security, Toronto is named the least dangerous city in the whole of North America. Crimes such as robbery, pick-pocketing, kidnapping, and scams are present but on a very low percentage.

Also, terrorism cases are taken seriously and have been inactive for a while. The nation’s security authorities have taken it seriously as you can see CCTV cameras and security personals in all areas.

Great Choice of International Universities

Students and researchers who want good and quality education should enroll in one of Toronto universities. Educational instructions in this city offer various programs in all disciplines. You can also acquire various degrees including B. AM. A, and Ph.D. in all schools.

The University of Toronto is one of the internationally renowned universities you can find in the world. Ranked 18th in the world and 1st in Canada, you will get a good education in record time. They offer various scholarships to intelligent students.

OCAD University is also another nice standard international place to learn. With a plethora of mouth-watering scholarships and renowned professors, this is one of the top schools in Toronto. At OCAD, there are many good programs interred students can apply for. Stem courses are one of the most sort-after degrees in the world and you can get that in this top university.

Trent University is also a very good internationally recognized academic institution. Tuition fees are affordable and if you are lucky, you can be given grants that can help you in your research. Living costs on campus is low and you can apply for campus jobs to augment your financial status.

Other universities in Toronto, you can attend are George Brown, Seneca University, Centennial College, Ryerson University amongst others

Reasonable Accommodation Costs

Accommodation costs in Toronto, specifically downtown can be very affordable for visitors. Indeed, this city is considered as one of the top five most affordable cities to live in, in Canada.

Estimated accommodation bills will depend on if you prefer to stay in the center of the city or the suburbs and also what type of house you rather go for. A bedroom apartment cost around $1,200 while a two-bedroom is $1,570. For people with a larger family who want a three-bedroom flat, they should budget around $2,200 monthly while students could get mini flats for as lows as $310 per week.

Luckily, salaries are also high in Toronto as you could earn between $11—$14 per hour. Be warned though; most houses rented in Toronto are not furnished, therefore you will need to factor in home decor and furniture costs.

Top-notch Public Transportation in Toronto

Transportation services around Toronto are easy and well-managed by the appropriate authorities. We have very good public transportation systems run by the Toronto transport commission (TTC). They manage and control three modes of public transport in the city which include subway, streetcars, and bus rides. They all run extensive routes across the city and inner lands. However, you will have to get a token or pass to use these public transportation services.

They have been made affordable, so expect to get a cab ticket for $60 and a subway pass for $5. The Toronto cabs run 24-hour services for all residents of Toronto. Furthermore, you can also get a ferry, if you want to visit the island around the Toronto Islands. These ferries leave Jack Layton terminals at downtown to center Island and Hanjans points. Tickets for ferry travel are $7 for adults and $3 for children. You will be provided with life jackets before leaving the Harbor, therefore do not fret, you will be in safe hands.

Aside public transportation, you can move around the city with Uber and Lyft services conveniently. They operate on all routes and you are billed per minute. Various rental services are also available for school bus hire, limo hire, coach and sprinter vans hire. Popular rental agencies are king charterslayman transport, and vital mobility. These rental services will require you to have a valid ID and some reference before you can use their services.

Those who wish to ride bicycles can do so, but in Toronto, it comes with some restrictions. Although bicycles are allowed in streets and suburbs, adults cannot ride bicycles on sidewalks, or they will be fined $70. Cycling on sidewalks is only for children 13 years and below.

Friendly and Open-minded Culture

An average Toronto resident is very friendly and open-minded to everyone included foreigners. It has been reported that about 45% of Toronto residents are themselves, foreigners. They are therefore very warm towards all individuals. They appreciate very socially and economically progressive individuals because they are very business-minded. Toronto residents are willing to learn new languages, traditions, and are accommodating.

You would most likely get financial advice and economic opportunities in Toronto. The city has about 120 languages due to the multicultural status of its residents. There are regular festivals and traditional events that visitors would find captivating. At their theater, expect to see shows that promote unity and oneness.

Toronto’s residents are one of the most honest people you can deal with irrespective of race, sex, and nationality. You will find christians, Muslims, atheists, and other religions, so wherever you fit in, you are not alone.

World Class Entertainment Options

Toronto is a cosmopolitan city, therefore expect excellent entertainment services that you can enjoy. This city houses various interesting sports for fun-seekers. You should keep in mind that these entertainment destinations include bars, clubs, casino centers, football stadiums, theaters, and serene beaches. Weekends are usually the best time you could enjoy more in these places, however, they open 24/7 all year long.

Bars and Discotheques

Nightcrawlers and other social individuals can be guaranteed a pleasant time in Toronto. The popular bars and fun centers you can see will literally blow your mind.

  • The libertine

This underground lounge can be found around Dundee street in Toronto and operates a 24-hour bar and lounge services. Their drinks and menu are cheap, and safety is guaranteed.

  • Regular Bars

Don’t let the stern-looking bouncers at this bar deter you, they are friendly and employed to keep the place away from trouble makers. You can get a glass of martini and scotch while listening to some good music. If you want to enjoy this place come by around five when many people are back from work.

  • Fiction

Another amazing and exciting place on Pearl Street. Fiction organizes regular drinking contests and dancing competitions. You will enjoy their Friday night as the in-house DJ plays good music all day long.

  • Coda

Individuals who enjoy good music and want good dishes can check them out. They have bottle service, acrobatic performances, etc.

Other nice bars and lounges you can check out in Toronto include Dance cave, the piston, lost and found, the boat, 2 cats, and toy box Toronto.


Toronto has its share of casino centers where casino games like slots, roulette, blackjack, baccalaureate, and poker games are played. The most popular casinos in Toronto are casino woodbine, casino Rama resort, four points in Sheraton hotels, great blue heron charity, falls view casino resort, old slots, and casino Niagara. We will give you a peek of what to expect from each one of these casinos.

At the casino Rama resort, you will see an excellent place where you can spend your holidays with their delicious cuisines, cheap accommodations, spa rooms, and casino sections where various slots and card games are available. At Casino Niagara, it is a stone throw from the magnificent Niagara waterfalls. There are available VIP sections where you can play privately. This casino accepts ẹ-wallet and digital coins.

Four points in Sheraton is an amazing structure that offers various hotel services aside from casino games. You could choose to stay in your room playing online casino games because they have a high Fiber internet connection that you will enjoy. In addition, you can check out their swimming pool, or their underground bars before finally playing a game of keno.

These casinos have unfortunately been closed down due to the current situation. However, players can legally play their favorite games online at as it only features licensed operators which Canadian players can legally play at. You can visit the site here.


There are cinemas where you can watch recently released TV series and movies. Some popular cinemas in Toronto are Carlton cinema, Tiff bell lightbox, the beach cinemas, grand Theater, paradise Albion cinemas, Canada Square cinemas, and complex Yonge Dundas.

They offer affordable movie shows and you could also grab a snack while watching. The security organizations include cameras and staff in these cinemas, so you are in safe hands. The method of payment at these cinemas are numerous: cash, credit and debit cards, or bank transfer.

How to Apply for a Student Visa

Every year, millions of people apply to study in Canada, specifically, Toronto. However, there are certain steps to take when applying for a student visa.

Firstly, you need to start by choosing your preferred institutions in Canada. Once, you have gotten the admission letter, proceed to the CiC website where you will apply for a visa study permit. While waiting for your visa study permit application, get all your necessary documents sorted out and in order.

You will also need to take and pass the English language test exams like TOEFL and IELTS. It doesn’t matter if you come from an English-speaking country or not. But don’t be scared, about 90% of applicants usually pass these English tests. Try to score high though, as different schools have divergent pass marks for these language tests.

After obtaining your visa study permit from CIC and passing your language test. Take your passport, proof of financial support, acceptance letter from the Canadian school, and health insurance certificate to the embassy. If everything is in line, you should be granted a student visa within 2 weeks.

Toronto is a city where all your dreams can come true. The information provided here is detailed enough to show you what to expect in this beautiful city.