A nose job? Take your time!


Rhinoplasty is one of the most common operations in facial plastic surgery. Every year, half a million people seek consultation for enhancement of the appearance of their nose. A successful rhinoplasty operation generally improves the health related quality of life and the self-esteem. Nevertheless most of the time a decision about changing our nose is not easily made.

Most people want to have their dream look. They don’t want to stand out in an obvious way. They don’t want to have an appearance that causes comment and that makes them feel self-conscious all the time. They want their features to be more in harmony and more line with their personality. They want less negative body image emotions in social situations. And because of that they are motivated to undergo cosmetic surgery.

The celebrated Brazilian doctor Ivo  Pitanguy simply called it the human right  to beauty. Pitanguy, who died last year, was one of the world leading cosmetic surgeons. He operated on many of the rich and famous. When asked about why people wanted to change their appearance, he answered: “One day, it will be clear that aesthetic surgery brings the desired serenity to those that suffer by being betrayed by nature.” In his opinion people no longer accepted natural deformities. Most people want to look normal.

At one time, an 84-year-old German woman walked into Ivo Pitanguy’s plastic surgery clinic and said she wanted a nose job. Her nose was extraordinarily large.  But at 84, he wondered, wasn’t it a bit late for a change? She looked him right in the eye. “Sir”, she said, “I have lived with this nose for 84 years. My entire family has the same nose. But I don’t wish to be buried with it. You must decide.”

The key of the nose is subtly. A nose job is about refinement, not about reconstruction. We all know that. That what sometimes makes it so difficult to decide. A tremendous amount of effort goes into a plastic surgery decision, especially if it is about our nose, after all the center of our face. We wonder how cosmetic surgery will affect us. Does it give the promised quality-of-life-boost? Does it really have a positive outcome?  Will we feel better after having had our operation? We think about it for months. We look at hundreds of sites. We scan thousands of pictures. To get an idea, to compare, to see how other people came out of surgery, to see the results, looking for the ideal nose for our features. We contact clinics, consult doctors for advice, expecting some undefined magic to happen in our quest. Until in the end we can’t see the woods for the trees and start all over again.

After a Rhinoplasty operation the vast majority of patients experience only positive effects. 85 to 90% shows satisfaction a year after receiving cosmetic surgery. Of course there is the possibility you will experience some negative emotions. This is usually not because the surgery has had a negative effect, but because of the stress of undergoing surgery.  With proper analysis and the skills of an experienced facial plastic surgeon, rhinoplasty is a very rewarding procedure for both patients and surgeons.

However, realistic expectations are necessary. Of course, it will enhance your looks and it will balance the features of your face. And when you look better, it is only natural that you will have a better self-image and more self-confidence. But a nose job will not solve your psychological and social problems. There are other doctors to help you with that.

Having your nose changed by rhinoplasty surgery is not an overnight decision. You should not be rushed into a decision. You should take your time.  All your questions should be answered to your satisfaction. You should speak with experienced doctors. And take even more time if you need it. The plastic surgeons of MCAN Health, Turkey, understand this. They will only do surgery when everything is clear to you and to them.

Pitanguy listened to the German woman and he decided to help her. As he explained later: “The aim of surgery is to make you happier”.