Patrick Van Negri explains benefits of matcha green tea


Green Tea has known to help the body in a lot of positive ways. From reducing weight to
just pumping the body with antioxidants for well-being, a lot of you must have tried it at
some point, in an urge to adapt to a healthy lifestyle. Instead of using tea-bags for green tea, you could use them in powdered and more powerful form.

As Patrick puts it, “Matcha is green tea but better.” With Japanese green tea leaves grown in
70% shadow, most of the nutrients are preserved. These are then crushed to make
powdered matcha tea. Read on to know why and how it can prove to be a boon in your life.

Accelerates fat-burning and fat-loss
Being 15 times more powerful than traditional green tea, Matcha helps burn fat much more
quickly and organically than most other supplements or products. This enables you to get a
hold on what you intake while also helping you in healthily losing fat.

Increases and sustains energy levels
Usually, you derive one certain quality out of the supplements you use, and they help you in
only one particular way. Matcha, on the other hand, is helpful on multiple levels. Due to the
way it is made, it retains the powerful nutrients and, consequently, the energy levels.
Patrick states that it also possesses the power to increase these energy levels comfortably
and organically.

Boosts metabolism
Due to the antioxidants present, you digest your food better with increased metabolism and
better assimilation. Metabolism boost also directly relates to your capacity to eat and digest
fully, which is where Matcha helps in cutting down the fat as discussed earlier. This enables
you to be more present in daily activities and retain the good and healthy part of the food
you eat in a better way.

Increases focus and memory
Matcha is extremely helpful for you to improve memory because of its natural ingredients.
It has 137 times more antioxidants than green tea, as stated by experts like Patrick Van
Negri, so it can prove to be much more powerful in enhancing focus and concentration, especially for studying. As a student, the last thing you need is to get easily distracted or
addicted, which is why Matcha is the healthiest for you.

Improves skin health
High levels of beta-carotene are present in Matcha, which help you get a glowing and
healthy skin. This will be a healthy step towards good skin and healthy intake with the
pigment being in Matcha around 9 times more than spinach, helping your body retain more
water will help your skin stay healthy.

No caffeine crash
Most energy-boosting drinks we use in daily life like tea, coffee, energy drinks, or even soda,
have a certain amount of caffeine. After it has keyed you through the time it can, it starts to
wear off, and you feel exhausted. This fatigue can make you irritable and snappy, or even
lead to serious complications. Matcha does not give you a caffeine crash because of the high
level of antioxidants present in it.