Penn State and Pizzagate: A familiar silence


whisper-small1My recent revisit of Penn State, where over a decade of whispers about what was going on in the showers there was systematically silenced, led me to consider the most striking parallel with the current big whispering campaign, called Pizzagate.

Now, before I go any further I’ll state that, looking at all the evidence, if I were on the jury, I would not convict. Regrettably, the reason I wouldn’t convict doesn’t involve a lack of belief that something criminal is occurring here, but simply that there isn’t enough evidence collected. There wasn’t enough evidence for Penn State for a decade, either, and I suspect the reason is the same for both: there’s a systematic cover up preventing a legitimate investigation. I can’t prove such a thing, of course, but I want to talk a little about some of that evidence, to point out a few elephants in the room that nobody seems to see.

The first whispers of Pizzagate started with Wikileaks. Now, without going into technical reasons, Wikileaks e-mails are 100% accurate. They definitely were written, definitely were sent, are perfectly legitimate in that regard. Interpreting what the e-mails mean, of course, is up to the reader.

The bulk of the e-mails appear to be written by normal people, using normal English. There are also quite a few that are mysteriously written, and those are the ones people are considering in detail.

Let’s look at a few of the e-mails that started it all.

(emphasis added)

Now, this e-mail was sent by an old man and to old men, and there’s an awful lot of excitement here about getting into a hot pool with little children…a curious thing for old men to be excited about. A pro-Establishment friend helpfully suggested that perhaps this is just a harmless birthday party amongst family friends, or something. Hey, it could be, there’s reasonable doubt here.

But…wait. These children have names, and ages, provided. I know if a close (publicly name named) family friend was publicly identified as sodomizing my (publicly named) children in a now-public document like this, I’d come forward and state unequivocally that this e-mail was being misinterpreted, and produce the children to show no harm has been done to them, and save the reputation of my close family friend. It’d take about 30 seconds, right? Most parents will take 30 seconds to spare their child a lifetime of shame and misery, and most decent people would do as much for a friend.

Similarly, if I were accused of such lechery, I’d come forward, explain the confusion in the e-mail, and clear it all up in a few seconds. The author of the e-mail has done no such thing. Instead, he’s basically gone into hiding. Again this isn’t proof of guilt by any measure but…it’s odd behavior for an old man who otherwise handles his affairs quite competently. He’s silent here.

I’m sure eventually the parents will show up to preserve the purity of their children, since that’s what a parent would do. For now, the parents are silent.

Now, the major media could investigate this without difficulty. They have the resources to find people, and they could gain a bit of desperately-needed credibility by demonstrating that they are capable of doing even a small amount of investigating on these missing children. But we have instead…silence. Complete silence in the face of evidence of children being abused.

It’s the official and widespread silence that worries me here.

One e-mail, by itself, means nothing, but there are lots of strange e-mails like this, including a great number of e-mails discussing pizza and hot dogs. Let’s look at one of those:
email2Gosh, they sure do like their pizza and hot dogs in DC. Who uses “channels” to buy such things? I reckon those pizzas probably won’t be very good after you ship them to DC all the way from Chicago, even by air (I mean, most pizza places won’t even deliver more than a few miles away. Does anyone else airlift pizza and hot dogs? Even if a relatively small amount, isn’t this a strange use of taxpayer money?

Of course, “pizza” and “dogs” could be code words for something else. Knowing the code will let these messages make more sense, if you’re the suspicious sort, if you use “pizza” and “hot dog” as code words that pedos are known to use. But it could just be a coincidence. It’s a shame there’s no investigation into what these messages really mean…that’s an awful lot of taxpayer money, if nothing else. But we have silence, instead. Complete silence by the media over, at the very bare minimum, a strange use of taxpayer money.

Let’s do one more. Here’s a harmless looking e-mail about beanie babies:

Georgetown Law Faculty and Staff, My parents are visiting this weekend, and I need to sell my enormous collection of beanie babies! I’ve approximately 480 little creatures of joy, and I’m selling each one for $20.00. You must buy all 480, though. It is a collection (not an auction)… They are very respectful and amicable with one another, and they are (for the most part) cat and dog friendly. Some are sassier than others, naturally. Please let me know! My parents can’t find out…

Now, it looks innocuous, but there’s plenty of weirdness here. First, this is way over market value for Beanie Babies. Additionally, when you sell a collection, you highlight the valuable parts…not here though, strangely. You sure as *hell* aren’t going to let your collectibles be played with by a dog or cat. And if he’s worried about his parents, he could just shove the collection into a single $20 storage container and stick them in the attic without much effort, rather than have a last second fire sale. An adult lawyer sent this e-mail, not a teenager or total moron.

The weirdness continues.

This e-mail is being sent to a handful of people that, well, just aren’t the target market for beanie babies (being politicos and influential people). Again, if you know how code works, the message makes a bit more sense. One site offers a helpful translation, provided by a former dealer in recreational chemicals that knows how to communicate in this fashion (hypothetically, I might have a retired hypothetical dealer hypothetical friend who confirms the translation as reasonable):

Georgetown, the heat is on this weekend, and I need to get rid of my stash. I’ve got about 48 little “creatures” (I don’t even want to speculate) and they go for $20,000 each. You must get all 48, they’re priced as a lot, not per item. They’re ok to keep together, (cats and dogs only makes me think men and women), and some are intense. Hit me up on the down low.

–the translator’s additional comments are in bold. This translation makes a bit more sense than trying to quickly sell a bunch of chewed up toys for an exorbitant price of nearly $10,000 to a small group of people, none of whom would have any reason to want such toys. But it could all be coincidence, right? My hypothetical friend clarified/suggested that the message is saying the creatures are ok “being with” men and women…sorry to use such code in quotes, but, hey, I bet adults with knowledge of things know exactly what I’m saying here, right?

Again, one such weird e-mail would mean nothing but…there are a lot of these strange e-mails, it seems reasonable to ask some questions.

Now, some of my friends say it’s ridiculous to think all this pedophilia is taking place at a pizza joint; I don’t know where this misconception is coming from, as the above, a tiny sampling of the weird e-mails, clearly isn’t occurring at a D.C. pizza joint.

That said, I want to talk about the pizza place a little. It’s in D.C., where power is measured both in political clout, and in access. The owner of the pizza joint is reckoned one of the 50 most powerful people in DC, by GQ magazine. Either they really, really, love their pizza in D.C., or this guy is providing some sort of access that is highly desired. Is it really conspiratorial to ask why this pizza guy, in a city filled with senators, congressmen, and other major politicos, ranks above most all of them?

I’ve been warned I shouldn’t write about Pizzagate, because some people go nuts about child endangerment, and might even do something violent about it, and I shouldn’t encourage them. A nutball conspiracy theorist even said there’d be a “false flag” event where the pizza joint would be attacked, and the attack would be blamed on the people investigating all the weird e-mails.

Nine days after the crazy, ridiculous conspiracy theory prediction? Some guy shows up at the pizza place with a big gun, fires a shot, and surrenders…then he delivers the message claiming he was “investigating” based on what he’d read online about the e-mails. As is so often the case in these alleged false flags, the person involved is a professional actor, with an IMDB page and everything. Heck of a coincidence.

Weird, and I’ve seen the “attack” used as justification for silence.

One more tiny thing. The FBI helpfully provides a picture of the symbol that pedophiles use to know when they’re in like company. By an incredible coincidence, that pizza joint coincidentally happens to randomly have that “pedophile safe space” symbol in its logo. Proof? No, of course not. Besides, the logo was recently changed after people started to make the connection because the pizza place has nothing to fear by saying it’s merely a coincidence. Or something.

I could write another half a dozen posts detailing the large amount of circumstantial evidence, whispers. I could even post some weird pictures, and I still don’t understand why the parents of the kids involved haven’t spoken out with their kids’ picture on the internet being used in this way. More silence from the parents of these children. The circumstantial evidence just keeps growing every day, although you really can’t get convicting evidence when you’re just some guy on a computer, it would take real money and real professionals to track down these kids and find out why their parents are silent.

Instead of further discussion of evidence, I want to get to my problem with all this.

False flag or not, some guy firing a weapon in a pizza joint should have no influence on having an official investigation. The Federal Government justified the murders at Waco because they thought children were being abused. There was a massive craze in the 80s about child abuse in our day care centers; the hysteria helped the government to wreck lives across the country. Every day, government child protective services commit all sorts of atrocities to parents and children, and we as a people tolerate it because hey, we don’t want child abuse.

The point I’m getting at here is our government consistently goes completely nuts when it comes to protecting our kids from child abuse, and never in the past has shown any restraint, has been quite willing to commit mass murder on the basis of even a hint of child abuse. But here we have far more than a hint and the response is…silence.

Silence is special, in a way: all silence is the same. I mean, I know the sound of my mother’s voice intimately, I’ve heard it for years, after all. But one silence is indistinguishable from the next, right?

In this case, I think not.

Having listened to it for a decade, there is no doubt the victims of Penn State recognize the particular silence of Pizzagate. Will they hear it for another ten years?