How to reap educational benefits through mobile apps?


‘Education is something that one resembles after forgetting all that they have learned in school.’ The sole intent of education is imparting knowledge, now with what sources is not something that should be restricted. Back in the date, students were forced to visit a library and pick up books to learn new things or gather some information or do their assignments. Well, this was way back, now the new teacher and the new source of information is the internet. Very well said by the Bill Gates that ‘The internet is going to become the town square for a global village for upcoming future.’ This made the education process rather interesting than boring. Before even entering the school, toddlers are in the know of rhymes. How? Well, you know it, right? It’s through mobile apps. Just like every other sector that mobile apps have entered and made things smooth and convenient, same is the case with education.

Education is not just limited to the rich, with mobile application development, everyone can afford a mobile phone and install mobile apps. With the emerging culture of eLearning and mLearning, high education with scanty budget is no longer a dream. Educational apps are making things more easy and comfortable for kids. Let’s explore some of the ways to boost education through it.

1) Active and interactive

Have you ever been through a scenario during your days of study, taking the book and immediately falling asleep? I know it’s so true, right? Well, you are not the only victim, books are like this sleeping pills. On a contrary, ever gone through the scenario where you are feeling extremely sleepy, you take your phone, explore some apps and suddenly from 12 Am the clock ticks to 4 Am and your sleep just flies away, this acts like anti sleeping pills. Well, if both these things are conjoined, you don’t have to strive hard to wake up at night and indulge in forceful studies. Yes, this is the magic of educational mobile apps. Students don’t feel sleepy, they feel active to learn more and more innovative things and with apps, they are also more interactive.

2) Anytime and anywhere

For school, you will have to wake up early, indulge your time for getting ready and reaching the school, finding the classroom, going to the general assembly, carrying the books, waiting for the teacher to come and such other stuff. Learning and knowledge can be accessed from any corner without the hassle of doing all this. Here there is no intention to offend the traditional learning culture but notifying some of the pros of mobile apps for the education sector. The interactive images, mind blowing music, versatile videos and the way knowledge is interpreted through mobile apps are way more captivating than boring books. Mobile apps can be all time companions of parents as well as kids to give learning global touch and not curtail it to the schools and classrooms.

3) Make free hours fertile

During free hours, kids search for amusement. They would rather diverge their ways to TV or indulge into long conversations on phone. None of the parents would want their kids extra time hobbies to get converted into all time addiction. Well, here where the magic of the mobile apps works its way. Kid’s usually has a plethora of leisure time to pass and they can devote into using mobile apps and learn in fun way.

4) Versatile target audience

When you hear about educational mobile apps, an image would be formed of kids having devices in hand with smile and learning. The thought is not entirely wrong but mainstream and quite narrow down. Educational apps are not merely for specific age group, learning and educating takes every age group in consideration. Learning can even be done at the age of 60. Teachers can empower their knowledge base, learn new teaching tactics. Teachers can also refer mobile applications to refer various study materials and take lessons on how to make their class more attentive and enthralling. It is very rightly said that ‘teaching is an art that assist discovery.’ Parents can also learn along with their kids.

5) Stay updated

There are always some or the other innovations and juicy tit bits that keep on coming in the education sector. App development company has this feature installed called notification which is send to you that keep you updated and also helps you keep your kid updated. Smart learning and systematic learning are both enabled with an educational mobile application.

6) Passive learning

Active learning process evokes a feeling of boredom when entertainment and amusement are prior intent and learning is secondary, now that’s what we are underestimating about apps. No burden of loads of homework or lectures that are the pain in the head. With app education culture, the study is like a game. Features like challenging your friends, quiz questions, doubt solving sessions have diverged more and more students this way.

Authors Bio: Pratik Kanada is the  founder & CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and development services across iOS and Android platforms.Pratik generally write blogs on mobile technology, app development and app marketing.