Surprising facts about Bitcoins


Bitcoin is one of the most famous digital currencies of the current time. It has the highest market value and it has made a lot of people millionaire overnight. Trader’s first choice is Bitcoin these days and they are investing more and more in this cryptocurrency.

Despite the popularity of Bitcoin, many of the people have no idea about Bitcoin. So, in this article I will amuse you with some really fun facts about Bitcoin that very less people are aware of:

Honey Badger is Bitcoin’s unofficial mascot

Honey badger is really one tough animal known to be a fighter. It can easily survive harsh injuries, snake bites and even dangerous bee attacks. This dangerous and powerful animal seems like a good resemblance for Bitcoin that too has survived various downfalls.

The maximum number of Bitcoin is less than 21 million

Yes, you heard it right! Infact it is 20,999,987.4769 and it is said to be 21 million in the round figure amount. The number is less than frequently citied figure is due to developer Satoshi’s block reward mechanism. The last Bitcoin is said to be mined between year 2128 to 2140. It is said that due to the mining errors, it may lead to further reduction of Bitcoin in coming future.

Value overflow incident!

In august 2010, bug lead to accidental creation of 184 billion Bitcoin. This error was quickly fixed by Satoshi and a fellow developer in 5 hours. However, in the course of this duration, many of the miners accepted these currencies. After releasing the Bitcoin patched version by Satoshi these extra coins were ignored and the records of them were erased from the blockchain.

Bitcoin traders are carnivores!

Though how it all started is a bit unclear, but came in light when it was reported by a journalist in 2017 that most of the famous and prominent Bitcoin traders often attend meat up parties and enjoy delicious meats. So it will not be wrong to say that Bitcoin traders like their meat just like their money.

Satoshi Nakomoto disappeared right before the CIA Meeting

According to Gavin Andresen that was the former care taker of Bitcoin database, Satoshi disappeared right after he was called from the CIA Meeting which is quite weird.

Bitcoin was used to remove ban from WikiLeaks

In 2011, under the pressure of American administration and USA government, banks were forced to impose bans on WikiLeaks. In such a scenario, people in support of WikiLeaks used Bitcoin to remove ban from Bitcoin, which provided Bitcoin with the censorship of resistant money much to the displeasure of Satoshi who disappeared from the project soon afterwards.

 There are hundreds of Bitcoin developers

Ever thought who Bitcoin functions so smoothly and how blockchain keeps all the records? The answer is pretty simple. There are hundreds of talented Bitcoin traders out there coding smartly for Bitcoin. You can try online bitcoin trading site immediate-bitcoin and start earning today.

Lesser Bitcoin in this world

According to a report, there are just 17 million Bitcoins in this world, whereas the millionaires in this world are 36 million. So you can understand that there are actually very less Bitcoin available and there are so many people around. Not everyone can get Bitcoin. Bitcoins are also rare.

Milton Friedman predicated about Bitcoin in 90’s

Well, though Bitcoin came into origin just a decade ago, in 2009 but a famous economist of 90’s Milton Friedman predicted in 1999 itself about the currency system like Bitcoin, which he stated as “e-cash”. He also said that this cash will be beyond the control of government.

So, these are some of the fun-facts regarding Bitcoin. How do you feel about it? Please write in the comment section below.