The advantages of using titanium abutments


As the implant evolution becomes a “restorative driven” area, it is only ideal for you to learn the different design principles, advantages, and implant connection involved. In the world of dental implants, however, there is one that is likely to claim triumph: Titanium Abutments.

Titanium, by essence, is a type of metal often utilized in dental implants. This is all thanks to its properties known to strategically fuse with the human bone. Hence, it has been used for decades. Plus, it is proven to be strong and lightweight than other materials.

Benefits Of Titanium Abutments

The benefits of Titanium Abutments are crystal clear. Otherwise, most implants these days would not be made of the aforementioned material. Here is a quick glimpse at its pros:

  • A success rate of 95 percent
  • Guaranteed long-lasting, with at least 30 years or more span
  • Lightweight and yet strong or durable

Now, to give you a better understanding of the benefits of choosing Titanium for dental implants check further below.


It cannot be denied that when compared to other materials like Zirconia, Titanium proves to be a lot stronger. For instance, let’s compare the former with the latter. While Zirconia is indeed fairly strong, it lacks the much-needed lower elasticity to prevent itself from getting easily fractured. Titanium, however, is guaranteed long-lasting. Its strength is nowhere near being superficial.


If you choose Titanium, you can rest assured knowing it is safe. Not only is it biocompatible, but it is also FDA-approved. Because if not, there is no doubt a plethora of surgeons would not encourage the use of titanium for dental implants. If you heard about those so-called small traces of titanium alloy which seem to appear in a person’s bloodstream, there is no need to be worried. This narrative is false. In fact, studies generated from more than 50 years ago have proven that there are no adverse effects whatsoever.

Full Arch Or Full Set Replacement

Do you need a full arch or perhaps a full set of replacement teeth? Well, either way, you can absolutely benefit better from Titanium. This is due to the fact that that implants made from this material come in multiple pieces. As a result, the specialist will have more flexibility in altering and/or customizing the implant in order to suit to your mouth.

If you plan to have implant abutments, look no further than Titanium Abutments. The benefits the material offers, as mentioned above, should help you.