The best A-level subjects for the ones who want to conquer the world, one subject at a time


Teenage is all about discovering likes, desires, and wants, apart from spending all those hours on Instagram and TikTok. Although if you are someone who always has been well aware of their choices and only believes in learning and growing, the standard curriculum might bore you. So how do you spice up your program?

The answer is this. You got it by pursuing A-Levels. What you learn in school constitutes a huge part of your basics for when you grow up. Besides, studying and understanding the right thing might lead you on a path to discovering something greater than yourself. 

And no, not just any random subject but here are four such subjects that will

definitely prep you for some serious challenges. Let’s find out more about the how, why and what’s of these topics.

  1. Can’t get enough of you, Math!

Divided into three equally difficult areas, i.e., Pure Maths, Mechanics and Statistics, A-Level Maths is one of those deadly doors from a horror movie. The subject is tremendously challenging and confusing as often your answers might not have a proper explanation, but you must accept it as it is and instead enjoy the mystery of it. Yes, just

like you dealt with puberty, you must deal with A-Level Maths Revision. Teachers and scholars advise regular practice, and strong basics are the most significant factors to ace math.

  1. Did you greet or abuse? Foreign languages!

Give way for languages that only make you question whether you are alien or the language you are learning. Yes, we are talking about Modern Foreign Languages. The subject could be nerve-wracking as the judgment occurs based on not just one or two but three aspects. The students must be able to speak in the language with appropriate pronunciation while possessing the writing and listening skills to get through three different sets of papers. It is still a matter of interest as people even ace this subject until you choose to laugh at that new word that sounded awkward instead of saying pardon. Plus, it’s a sly way to get on that plane to Japan for your next vacation!

  1. History defines us – and determines ours.

As intriguing as all those mysterious unsolved cases, History has a charm of its own. However, the magic falters once it becomes a part of A-levels. The subject has three papers for A2 levels, and each one succeeds the other in terms of struggle. There is a lot of writing combined with a lot more thinking and critical reasoning. Also, the content is so vast that even the great Nile might look smaller in comparison. It is a combination of such elements that one can end up feeling like the Mad Hatter at times.

  1. I guess I love you more, Further Maths.

There are often second leads or cousins who are the upgraded version of your favourite character, that’s Further Maths in A-Levels. The more complicated, scary yet equally enchanting cousin of A-level Maths, Further Maths is for the students who find it difficult, comfortable. What’s more? When a student chooses to study Further Maths they have to study for A-Level Maths and A-Level Further Maths, making it a super tough subject. 


Education will lose its actual value if you spend more time competing and less time gaining lifelong worth of knowledge. So, don’t choose subjects out of peer pressure or some other reason until you are ready for the same. A-levels can be quickly cleared too just like normal subjects with practice and studies, but even if you miserably fail at these subjects, it is not a crime. It is advisable to fill your plate with food that suits your palate and does not end up ruining the taste of other dishes. Efforts and hard work matter as much as your scores, don’t let the grades demotivate you.


Did you take up any A-level subjects in school or altogether avoided these subjects? Also, let us know which was your favourite subject.