The role of SMM for business: The Big 8 social networks


SMM technology is familiar to all of us because we all subscribe to various informational publications, groups, pages of popular newspapers or magazines, favorite brands, and companies on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Almost every well-known publication has its own representation in social networks. Confidence in it increases the check mark at the left above the phrase “Official community,” meaning “verified user,” that is verified directly by the administration.

It is easier to get feedback from the target group through social networks, and they are already adapted for mobile platforms, you do not need to worry about increasing traffic from search engines, as is the case with a regular website.  

The main goal is to think up a competent and unique publication that would interest a potential client; it is carried out in the form of an article, image, video, audio. At any time you can chat with the group / public visitors, immediately answer all his questions.

Promoting an online resource using SMM is very effective, especially if you already have a certain audience and search engine rankings. In addition to social networks, blogs, and subject forums are used, where discussions are created using hidden marketing, viral marketing (the target audience distributes advertising on its own).

The advantage of SMM is that the promotion covers only interested users; advertising is used hidden and not annoying. Remember how often you tried to hide annoying banners on thematic resources? There is no such thing in social platforms.

It is important how well you can present the product or service to the community from the good side, to clearly define the essence of the proposal. Significant investments are not required because any social network is already a popular platform.

What social networks most successfully promote the business?

The choice you have is enormous and depends mostly on the geographical location, age of customers, and the image that you create your company. In The USA and the European countries, the most common network is Facebook. Where most of the young, but already quite solvent people are sitting there (if the age of a client guides you from 18 to 30 years old, then you have a direct route there).

  1. Facebook

Regardless of the country, promotion on Facebook will be successful, especially for large businesses, intellectuals and those with a target audience from Western Europe and the USA. 

People will learn about your brand faster not only in western countries but also on the other side of the globe, if your page is in English, Spanish, or any other common foreign language. And the Facebook comment platform is easily integrated into a content management system like WordPress.

A distinctive feature among all social networks is a huge opportunity in the settings of advertising campaigns. Facebook is constantly developing advertising accounts, adding all the new features, and targeting and retargeting features. 

If yesterday, advertising in social networks was a tool for brand promotion, today, thanks to Facebook, it is a tool for generating conversions, leads, sales and post-sales.

  1. Twitter

Good tweets or other forms of posting from twitter accounts get highly appreciated links from the Google search engine. This is an excellent platform for webmasters who wish to report on the news; promotions briefly and promptly submit any useful information to the client, including thematic links.

  1. Instagram

A fast-growing service for publishing images, photos and small videos. Suitable for any business in which there is a visual product or service. From 2015, Instagram also pleased us with the possibilities of targeted advertising, thanks to Facebook. 

And quite recently, at the end of August 2018, he created more comfort and conditions for the promotion of its business to corporate accounts, such as it introduced statistics and expanded contacts.

  1. Pinterest and SlideShare

Similar opportunities are at Pinterest and SlideShare (service of the presentations). They are less promoted, but you have a great opportunity to declare your brand with engaging content and quickly gain views.

Downloading high-quality slides on SlideShare or infographics on Pinterest, you allow visitors to understand better and assimilate information about your company, brand, or service.


It is hardly necessary to describe in detail this site through which you can successfully promote videos. Often, the textual content is not always suitable for describing a service (for example, dance lessons or a detailed presentation of a company), and a YouTube video helps a lot. A very useful feature is a live broadcast for webinars.

  1. LinkedIn

A social network for business contacts. It has many limitations in the free simple version. Expensive targeted advertising. The platform is not yet completely adapted to our online space and mentality. But lately, it has been gaining momentum. It can offer business services to a wide audience of users, promote a brand, establish business contacts.

In LinkedIn, you can also join groups for discussions, create company pages. From other social platforms, it is distinguished by the fact that your expertise and awareness in your business come to the fore, and not likes and repost. The profile stores something like a resume: professional experience, knowledge, skills, etc.

  1. Telegram Messenger

New trend! Although it is not a social network, but an instant messenger, it deserves special attention. This messenger successfully differs from others in that it allows you to create special thematic channels (following the example of YouTube) and to recruit subscribers.

There is no advertising on it. It is very convenient for readers, as it does not necessarily require a transition to web pages, and thus you can quickly find out news and events in the topic of interest.

The business benefit of creating a thematic channel on Telegram is that by publishing interesting and expert posts, you can constantly remind yourself / of your brand and increase your expertise.


To make brand promotion effective, use several social platforms at once because now users register on Instagram, and Youtube at the same time, they have a Facebook account and do not refuse to share their thoughts via Twitter and Telegram. 

In addition, each social network has its own unique opportunities for advertising, suitable for a particular type of business, for a particular audience