Top tips for students planning to study abroad


Studying abroad is a responsibility, but at the same time, it will be a fun experience for international students. However, international students should realize that they are subject to the customs and laws of the host country and so it is important to keep the following tips in mind while applying to college and pursuing your dream course.

1. Organize the emergency information

While moving abroad to study, a visa is the most important thing, but it is not the only thing you should keep copies of. Make sure that your documents and certificates are even organized in a way that you have necessary copies of every document kept in different places and even different bags if you wish to keep it that way.

2. Leaving copies at home

It is a smart thing to leave copies of your itinerary, visa, passport data and other documents with your friends and family at home. This way, you’ll get yourself out of trouble in case of an emergency. In this case, it is advisable to keep your relatives and friends informed about your whereabouts so that they can track you and help you out.

3. Insurance

Make sure that you opt for an insurance cover that includes emergency medical needs when you’re overseas. If your insurance policy includes medical evacuation, you’ll only be benefited, in case things go terribly wrong.

4. Do not leave your valuables or luggage unattended

Students have a tendency of keeping themselves occupied with they are mobile phones and as an international student if you make this mistake, it is possible that you might leave your valuables or luggage unattended. In this situation, you have bound to attract thieves, and that is not good for you.

5. Deal with authorized agents only

While looking for currency exchange, make sure that you’re dealing with authorized agents only. This way, you’ll avoid violating local laws and even ensure that you’ll get the currency exchanged at the right rate. Currency exchange is a business that is popular among unauthorized agents, and they look for opportunities to cheat foreigners.

6. Stay away from drugs

Remember that your purpose of traveling overseas must study and that should be the only thing on your mind. Many international students try to socialize and be a part of the group. While making this effort, make sure that you keep yourself away from bad habits, especially drugs. Such mistakes can ruin your career, and we hope you do not make this mistake.